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Track “Dark Nights”

New Music by American-based singer and songwriter Chad Lewine has a mission: pop music for greater causes. POP, FOR GOOD, is what the artist calls his mission statement, to produce pop music with moral accountability, that comes from a place of light and inspiration and isn’t shallow or toxic like most mainstream pop music. He’s been doing it for a while – his first album of demos dates as far back as 2010 – and he’s very good at it.

Following several albums and singles over the last decade, Chad has already experimented with a lot of different genres from EDM to synthpop, and succeeded in each one. His latest track, “Dark Nights”, blends together all of his influences from the 80s and 90s industrial pop with today’s hyperpop and it sounds pretty damn good. With genuine care about the impact that pop music has on people who hear it, Chad makes sure to support causes such as mental health issues, abuse victims, and climate change – “Dark Nights” is about the dangers of drug abuse and addiction.

“Every song I compose, the lyric I write, and note I sing is with the intention of healing both the individual and the collective mainstream; to bring awareness of how music affects us on a subconscious level”, Chad himself says about his music and his art.

Written about a personal friend ten years ago, “Dark Nights” encourages the listener to get help: ‘Nobody fucking listens til we die’. It’s powerful and passionate and sincere, with gorgeous pop production and a danceable beat. Chad works completely independently self-producing everything he puts out, and this time around he came up with one of his strongest tracks yet: something you can enjoy with a purpose, that challenges you to think about what you’re listening to and takes a stand towards better surroundings.


New Music / Pop Music / Chad Lewine / Dark Nights

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    1. Hey, Chad, so happy you feel this way, I really like your work, my friend, and can’t wait to listen to your next track, all the best!!!

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