Baaj and Baaj’s dark & sweet in new single “I Can’t Think”

Singer-songwriter Baaj and Baaj come back again with another amazing single! “I Can’t Think” creates a bewitching atmosphere that takes us through the dark, often unexplored, areas of what it is like to be in love. Baaj & Baaj fuses various genres to offer a unique and modern reflection of feelings and music alike.

His music may be described as a collection of distinct soundscapes that take as main inspiration New Wave and 80’s brit pop. He perfectly encapsulates their atmospheric power with his chords and hauntingly beautiful vocals, transmitting emotions that are as complex as his harmonies. Thematically, he centers on complex lyrics full of introspection into a deep, troubled mind. “I Can’t Think” continues the record he has established with his previous single  “Sweet Earth”. Dark, moody, but at the same time extremely sweet, “I Can’t Think” is an essential single for fans and none fans alike.

“I Can’t Think” centers on the doubt we feel when we are in love when that person seems to be stuck in our minds that there is no space for other thoughts. Do they really love us back? Have we been living in an illusion? Baaj & Baaj generates these feelings through a combination of harmonies and colors. The dark synths generate a ghostly soundscape that replicates a void: the void of doubt feeling our thoughts as the lyrics, with his powerful vocals drown our minds with his dark voice. We are left with a brutal and ethereal single that is not afraid of asking heavy questions, no matter how difficult the answers might be.




Baaj and Baaj
I Can’t Think

“I Can’t Think” is another unmissable single coming from Baaj and Baaj that you should not miss out on! A combination of old and new, of modern and retro that puts a new and original sound into the spotlight!

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