Bellamy King comforting and daring “Waiting Game”

Houston, US-based singer, songwriter, and producer Bellamy King is back with “Waiting Game”, his first single of 2023. Bellamy’s music is heavily inspired by names like Frank Ocean and James Blake, with a relaxing trip-hop-infused R&B that is just perfectly made. On his past tracks, he’s already explored sounds, textures, and tempos showing that Bellamy knows exactly what he’s going for as a producer and getting better and better as a singer.

“This single was inspired by those moments when I feel like patience is not a virtue. I wanted something that felt like something you’d listen to when you can’t sleep at 3AM”

Bellamy King

“Waiting Game” does have that insomnia-by-anxiety feel to it, but it’s far from leaning to the darker side of things. It’s about the feeling of waiting for things that probably won’t happen, about accepting that life sometimes is boring. Not every day can be a joyride, and that’s okay. “Waiting Game” is the moment you realize all of that, about letting boredom and insomnia play the role they’re supposed to at that time.

Needless to say, it’s a universal feeling and very easy to relate to. His voice has a sultry feel to it, it sounds comforting and daring at the same time as he sings ‘Lately life feels like a waiting game, people change but everything else stays the same‘. We’ve all been there. And now we have a gorgeous song about this feeling, one that is beautifully produced and performed with such honesty that it feels like Bellamy King is lying on the bed next to you just venting.

A song like this is definitely a bold move, but Bellamy makes it work and sound so good that we just go along with it. Bellamy King proved his creativity and will, and he is most surely on his way to becoming a household name in modern R&B, much like Ocean and Blake themselves.


Bellamy King Waiting Game
“People can expect quite a bit of music from me this year. I love to experiment with different styles and stepping into different genres.” Bellamy King

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