Frank Joshua touches the sensual and forbidden in “Millionaire”

Frank Joshua, the London-based music producer is back with a brand new single. Titled “Millionaire”, it’s a song of fine white lies and deep seduction with the stark backdrop of condemnation, and it’s set to release soon – mark your calendars for March 31st!


Frank Joshua "Millionaire"

Mixing futuristic themes with those of disapproved romance, “Millionaire” is a person full of desire, trespassing places that they shouldn’t have. Treading the topic of passion with eloquent lyrics and Frank’s trademark soft haunting vocals, the fierce determination of pursuing the desire refuses to be put down even with the strong disapproval of virtually everyone else.

The overflowing desire shows its face through a strikingly spacious and airy atmosphere that sets the mood as the song explores the forbidden. You can imagine the lovers meeting up under the cover of darkness infused by the orchestral long warm chords, the anxious excitement and flooding passion filling up the song’s vacant space, a burst of love that’s barely kept at bay by the gentle retro percussion. Even if everyone says it’s wrong, the single doesn’t take that as an answer and carries on exploring why it feels so right.

“Millionaire” comes along with a music video which adds much more to the futuristic and exquisite side of the story. It features a slew of computer-created faces visually describing the multilayered nature of that unbreakable passion, the admiration, separation, unwillingness of giving up, and the search for connection. The bounds are meant to be broken.

Listen to AMS Radio first for this one! For a chance to hear it before the track drops, tune-in Weekends 11 AM PST / 13 PM EST


Listen to “Millionaire” by Frank Joshua now!

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