Crash World’s yearning new track “Cup of Coffee”

Crash World is a musical duo from Vancouver, Canada, that released one hell of a debut album last year. And they’re already back with a brand new single called “Cup of Coffee” – and it’s as simple as it seems. All we need sometimes is to connect with someone over a cup of coffee and to have a real conversation. That pure connection is exactly what the song is about, and it’s so effective.


“I wrote the song one morning when I sat down with my guitar in a different part of the room than I usually start my day in. Boom! The song just came to me! Simple & Pure!”

Glen MacLeod

“Cup of Coffee”s biggest triumph is that exact simplicity. It’s a song that yearns for connection. In an exclusive video that Glen so lovingly sent to us, that’s what he says the song is about. “It’s about old-school face-to-face connecting”, he says. “That person that you got your eye on, that you’ve been thinking you’d like to talk to – go and talk to them. Face-to-face, put your phone away”, he concludes. It inevitably rings a bell for newfound love, for hope. Isn’t that what we all look for?

The song is about our human connection, the face-to-face connection, and how beautiful it can be. Nobody said it was easy, but it is so important for us all. And coffee is a very common age-old component of connecting. A common ground for humanity. Glen MacLeod

Sonically, “Cup of Coffee” continues with the duo’s on-brand style of old-school soft rock, featuring an impeccable production of strings, keys, and horns that flow alongside the gorgeous guitar riffs and clear vocals. It’s truly timeless. ‘Meet me for a cup of coffee, it’s all I’m asking of you‘, lead singer Graham MacDonald pours in the chorus. ‘These are days where love is all we got‘, it goes on. That feeling of seeking to connect is illustrated by the lovely bittersweet music video that accompanies the song.

“Cup Of Coffee” is uplifting, optimistic, and in this chaotic world and life, as we all lean on each other, it’s a reminder that we’re all in this together. Glen MacLeod

In the video, beautifully shot from the point of view of a barista in a coffee shop, we get that sense of connection. Several customers walk in and sit together to talk and laugh together. Until a handsome man walks in and catches the barista’s eye, who fantasizes about talking to him. And the feeling is mutual because he’s also trying to have the nerve to ask her out.

Both of them wonder about talking to each other several times on several different occasions, and it showcases the awkwardness of fancying someone and not knowing how to approach them. Until they finally do it and the two of them end up connecting over a cup of coffee. It’s beautiful and lovely, and it fits the song so perfectly.

Crash World press photo 19

You can’t help but think about that first date with someone you love when you listen to it and watch the video. It’s the kind of song that can’t help but bring out strong emotions and feelings, leaving you with a smile on your face. As I was writing this review, I had to stop for a second and text my own significant other for a cup of coffee after work later – and he said yes. Life is good.


So, for every relationship that’s been started, ended, or mended over coffee…this one’s for you! Glen McLeod

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