“Off the Record” by The Fades – A Blazing Blast of Alternative Grunge

The Fades, the London-based alternative garage rock band formed in 2002, is ready to hit the music scene with a bang with their upcoming single, “Off the Record.” due out June 02nd. This grungy hardcore punk sound is a breath of fresh air in today’s rock landscape, capturing the essence of the genre with heavy sharp guitars and astute drumming.


Right from the opening notes, the fully fuzzed-up distorted guitar sound grabs your attention and pulls you into the song. It’s in your face and unapologetic, delivering massive guitar chugs that will make your head bang along. Fans of Nirvana’s Bleach album will feel right at home with this track, reminiscent of classics like “Love Buzz” and “School.”

The Fades’ raw energy and genuine punk DIY attitude shine through in “Off the Record.” The band’s tight chemistry is evident as brothers Dave (vox, guitar) and James Lightfoot (bass), lifetime school friend Jonny Barnard (guitar), and Alastair “Flash” Thorpe (drums) come together to create a sonic force to be reckoned with.

Known for their powerful live shows, The Fades are currently touring across the UK to support their new single releases this year. Their energetic performances have captivated audiences not only in their home country but also across Italy, Ireland, the US East Coast, and even at festivals in Tbilisi.

“Off the Record” is a testament to The Fades’ ability to infuse their music with relentless energy and an unyielding spirit. With their grungy punk sound and undeniable talent, this track is destined to become a fan favorite. So buckle up and get ready to embrace the explosive force that is The Fades.


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