Dave Belding new single “Purge And Flourish”

American musician Dave Belding surprises us with his brand new tune “Purge And Flourish”. A chill & progressive track with a slightly dark aura that teleports us to a soothing place where our thoughts can wander and everything feels as calm as night. Out now!


For first-time listeners. Expect to hear melodic music that often gets heavy at times. Songs that tend to be a little progressive and experimental.

Hello, my beautiful readers. It’s your boy, MadZen and today I’m really glad to present this brand-new track! An obscure, but gentle song with lots of atmosphere and trip-hop elements, creating a sonically rich composition.

Dave Belding is a musician from New York who finds inspiration in bands like Tool, Korn, Thrice, and Soundgarden. Dealing with insomnia, he finds relief in creating music, whether it’s just a guitar riff or a full song. His music is all about raw emotion and likes to keep things unpredictable.

“Purge and Flourish” is a more relaxed track than his previous releases, and it is about building on personal character. Finding our own flaws and wanting to fix them, resilient to everyday struggles. The track is made up of simple instrumentation of guitar, bass, emotive vocals and a drum set carefully recorded to capture that big, wide ambience that gives the track all of its depth.

Belding was meticulous with every instrument, and he delights us with some tricky guitar bits, that add a lot of texture and excitement to the production. Dave’s vocals are tender, almost sleepy, but locked in a world of introspection, wanting to get out of the same old mistakes.

I spend a lot of time at night thinking and reflecting. I have insomnia so I’ll often go outside with a nice single malt scotch and roll up some goodies in the middle of the night and hang by the fire pit and bounce around to the hot tub or whatever. Eventually I hear the birds, and I see the sun starting to break through. All the while there’s this feeling of being alone that I try to drown out with music or some sort of task. I’ll get lost in my thoughts and often come out with answers. Sometimes those answers are as simple as a guitar riff, or something more impactful to do with life in general.

Dave Belding

Dave Belding "Purge And Flourish" press photo

Progressive, slow-burning, and relaxing. A perfect tune for when you wanna relax and close your eyes for a little bit. Listen now!

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