Quenta’s Phenomenal New Single “The Two of Us”

London-based duo, Quenta, delivers a deep hip-hop experience in “The Two of Us” with aggressive, Tom Waits inspired, vocal lines and vintage Detroit-like beats, this single will make your head turn as you listen to it in awe. Out now!


It’s about relationship claustrophobia. We all feel that in our relationships – friends, lovers, people you work with. We write and rehearse together in a small room every week – this song reflects that too. How conflict gets resolved is really important – it takes two to resolve stuff.


Quenta "The Two Of Us" press photo

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen and today it’s just you and me listening to this dazzling track. Created as a journey to the realms of relationships, lovers, or friends, this single is all about how well you can keep your zen when things get tense. Let’s get it!

Quenta was created by lead singer Karlost and long-time friend and collaborator, Dee. Karlost’s voice is deeply inspired by both Tom Waits and Mike Patton, and he seems to seamlessly flow between verses. Dee delivers more delicate tones and measured melodies which give the song a warm and deeply human connection.

“The Two of Us” is nothing like you’ve ever heard before, and it sure isn’t what you’re expecting. It is a surprise since the beginning. With vintage hip-hop beats, wildly programmed synths, weird and unique vocals, and soulful pianos, this track is a mix that steps out of the ordinary to create a provocative and mind-bending musical experience.

The single, released on 20th June, is a kaleidoscope of sounds ranging from indie, hip-hop and post punk – full of raw emotion and catchy hooks which is quickly becoming their trademark.

Recorded and mixed at Hermitage Works Studio in London by producer Nathan Ridley (credits include Zoe Kypri & plantoid), “The Two of Us” is Quenta’s second single up to date, with a full album also on its way. The single will also feature a bonkers music video, so stay tuned! In the meantime, listen now!

Musically we are on a journey together as a duo and the music we listen to is very eclectic so sonically this tune reflects that.


“One of us made a beat – the other then quickly followed with a great guitar line and the verses. The bass line came next and it existed for a while on our looper and we jammed on it. The chorus followed and it was kind of job done. People loved it live and it was great fun to play so we knew we had to record it. It was about 10bpm slower in it’s original form and looser but in the studio it evolved – as our producer is great at pulling in and out different elements.”




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♬ original sound – Jpgchief

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