S J Denney shares a personal anthem on new single “Trying To Be Someone”

Today on June 23rd, S J Denney released his newest single. Inspired by the artist’s personal journey in searching for his core self as well as how hard people try to be someone they’re not, the song is aptly titled “Trying To Be Someone” and it comes in the form of a cherishing and calm alternative rock song.


When the drive to be someone blinds you from seeing who you really are, you might spend valuable time fooling yourself. “Trying To Be Someone” is a considerably friend-shaped release. As it tackles the desire of being someone and the setbacks that come along with it, the song keeps the calm softness as if it’s promising to be there for you, if something indeed goes wrong. This soulful core with S J Denney’s gentle vocals is surrounded by softly laid out piano and guitar melodies as well as a slew of other instruments, including a Chinese string instrument, the erhu.

S J Denney "Trying To Be Someone" artwork

The first version of this song was born years ago and sat dormant until recently, when the Essex-based singer-songwriter went back to this demo to give it the perfect touch, one that shows his artistic vision. In addition to vocals, the piano and guitar are played by the artist himself and he invited session musicians to add more depth to the tune. S J Denney says it took bravery to go and finalize the song, and the result, the heartfelt intimate story of self-search, is most definitely worth being proud of.

Listen to “Trying To Be Someone” today!


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