Grace & Moji highlight the inner darkness in new single “Monster”

Following a bright and loveful debut song “Our Love“, the married duo of artist-producers Grace & Moji take a turn to look into the darkness with their new single “Monster”. There’s a dark side that’s in all of us, a monster with all those vices we try our best to suppress. Occasionally though that monster manages to break through, and “Monster” is an upbeat indie pop song about acknowledging that persistent shadow and the fact it will always be around.


Born after a moment in Grace & Moji’s relationship when the dark side showed up, the song tackles the theme with quite an astounding and really quite healthy clarity. “Monster” is a warm vibrant pop tune that’s home to lyrics of brutal honesty. And while the pleasantly soft vocals make the vices and endless struggles acutely clear, there’s more than enough space for upbeat rhythms pulling to get up and dance, and embrace the real truth whilst at it.

Not just that there’s a shadow following us anywhere, but that no one else but you can change and heal yourself. It’s a highly refreshing take on this absolute fact that’s overshadowed by the common trope of “I heal the broken person” which often leads to mental burnout or even abuse.

Grace & Moji "Monster" press photo

The song comes along with a lyric video featuring colorful and moody imagery with lots of mirrorballs. For most, it would remind of discos and nightclubs, but it’s also important to remember they’re covered in rectangles of reflective glass. They have really sharp edges and the sparkling pretty thing will easily cut you. For this reason, coming from personal experience, it’s a great analog to the dark side that we suppress to our abilities, but which can spring out with little to no warning. Watch the video below:


“Monster” is out now on all major platforms! Stay tuned for Grace & Moji’s upcoming debut EP!


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