Close Drive debuts first music video with single “Bed Head”

All the way from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Close Drive is a four-piece indie rock band with an EP, a full-length album, and a couple of singles to their name. The most exciting part is that the band is now releasing their first-ever music video, for their brand new single called “Bed Head” and it’s just so well done that it fits their music so perfectly.


The song itself keeps up with their bedroom pop roots, featuring mellow guitars and an upbeat tempo with an impeccable sense of melody and thoughtful lyrics. It’s a very well-produced track, highlighting all of the band’s strengths and creating an intimate and cinematic atmosphere that feels like a step forward in their discography.

The song “feels like a late night drive on the highway in an attempt to clear your head”, according to guitarist John Antoni, and he goes on: “Alternatively it feels like an overcast/rainy day with no telling of when the sun will come out”. There is an anxious atmosphere to the track, but it never gets overwhelming at any point. In the chorus, singer Brandon Higgins goes ‘get out of my head, get out of my bed‘ illustrating well John’s comments about the song and “the feeling of stumbling over your words and being stuck in your own head”.

The video, beautifully shot by Tyler Ripley in the state of Washington, features Brandon walking and singing alone amidst an incredible array of nature sceneries, such as open fields and bright skies, trees, and clear highways. The intrinsic feelings of anxiety that are sung about in the lyrics are absolutely present in the video, but there’s also a sense of comfort in this solitude as well. It gives you the feeling that even if you don’t find your answers right away, searching for them was enough for now.


It’s always great to hear a band evolving and getting better with each new release, improving their skills, and making the best music possible – and this is exactly what is happening with Close Drive. “Bed Head” is an incredible song, blending together upbeat dancey indie rock with introspect lyrics that deal with mental struggles in a very real and human way. Close Drive is definitely on its way to greatness.

Close Drive "Bed Head" press photo

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