The Pulltops amazing new single “Wide Awake”

The Pulltops, an Indie Rock band from Milwaukee, proudly present “Wide Awake”. A brand new single that encapsulates the feelings of a newfound voice, a recharged spirit. A very expressive track with great instrumentation. Out now!


With an amazing sound, these fellas bring the heat and the spiritual awakening with powerful hooks and exciting lyrics.

The Pulltops was created by eclectic record collectors Mark Pierret (Drums) and Tom Crowell (Guitar). With an immediate click, the two musicians created a bond despite their widely different musical backgrounds and have been creating music with a classic Pop and Indie Rock formula, mixed with their own eccentricity.

“Wide Awake” comes with an amazing sound, a track carried by a fat & groovy bass and drums that reach out for more Alternative Rock rhythms. Vocals are high-reaching, a bit gritty, and very very appealing to the ear. In a masterful performance, these two guys conveyed the wonderful feeling of being wide awake.

“Wide Awake” is more than just a song; it’s an anthem for those who are ready to take charge of their lives and overcome obstacles. With its dynamic sound and relatable lyrics, “Wide Awake” has the potential to captivate and become a favorite track in any music collection.

A mix between Pop and Alternative Rock, in other words, a poppier Porcupine Tree, this track truly achieves to delight the listener with its familiar structure and its unique melodic charisma. So, listen now!

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