Monroe Moon’s repaginated dive into rock music on new single “Navigator”

Monroe Moon’s latest track, “Navigator”, goes beyond anything that the duo’s ever put out before. The husband and wife team has been making music together for years and they have proven themselves as masters of their craft. Blending together experimental indie pop styles with the eerie atmosphere that comes from Cocteau Twins-like dream pop, Monroe Moon has done it all and did everything beautifully.


On “Navigator”, they turn over a new page and deliver us something brand new again. “I’ve never made rock and roll before”, says lyricist and lead singer Bunny Monroe about the single, inspired by a harsh winter listening to Iggy Pop. And that’s exactly what we get from the new piece from them: rock and roll, and a full band sound. This time backed by amazing outside musicians, Monroe Moon starts a new chapter in their sound and career with a rich, Phil Spector-esque wall-of-sound production featuring distorted guitars, thumping drums, and jaw-dropping melodies.

The duo, a favorite of ours that has been featured on the blog since 2021, are ready to take a step into something new and they sound so good as they do it. With lyrics inspired by Kurt Vonnegut and Tom Robbins novels, Bunny Monroe sounds as ethereal as ever and her voice fits the rockier vibe perfectly. She sounds confident and strong as she sings about the connections between “an individual’s everyday life and the endless life of their mind”, which is the exactly kind of bookish complex lyrics they have been known for since day one.

By replacing the dreaminess synths from previous releases with rock and roll guitars, they sound as ready as ever to take on the world and run with it. “Navigator” is a fascinating song, filled with Britpop influences as well as early shoegaze sounds; like something, we could’ve heard from Ride. What makes Monroe Moon’s music so compelling is their full body commitment to their sound. No matter what they are experimenting with or trying out sonically, they dive head first into it and revel in its beauty even if it’s uncharted territory for them – such as the shining gem that is “Navigator”.

On their new single, Monroe Moon shows us a different side of their music we haven’t heard yet and it is simply astonishing. I cannot wait to hear what else they can come up with, but I know for sure I’ll be tuning in to everything.


Monroe Moon "Navigator" press photo

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