A/V CLvB explosive single “Cellar Door”

Alt-Indie Rock band, A/V CLvB presents their brand new single “Cellar Door”. An explosive and original song that gathers many good traits from the Emo genre, as well as the DIY influence of Garage Rock. Out now!


Prepare for punchy riffs, depressing and angsty lyrics, rapid switches, and most importantly, your socks to be blown off.


What’s good my friends? MadZen here. Today we have a pretty cool track brought to us by these American younglings. From Plymouth, USA, A/V CLvB is a unique and promising rising band with a knack for heavy riffs, dark undertones, and raw expression. Young talents come together to create a fresh sound inspired by the 00’s, and bands like Modern Baseball, Basement, and Title Fight.

A/V CLvB press photo

“Cellar Door” was born out of a period of obsession with the movie Donnie Darko. One band member found himself intrigued by the word cellar door, which appears in the movie and thought that it would be a perfect name for a song. In little to no time, the main riff was written, and the full track followed.

The result is a song that finds itself amongst the DIY specter, carrying a “live” feeling. Somewhere between a bitter-sweet ballad and an angry musical expression. Lyrics tell the tale of two lovers, stuck in a toxic and at times abusive relationship, focusing on the man’s ego and materialism.

The band name came from when I made solo music throughout middle school I used the name A/V, and always thought that if I were to make a band that something with that would be the name. I decided to change the u to a v and make the capitalization how it is to stand out, and I also just like how it looks that way.

Avery Gordon

So prepare yourselves to listen to a one-of-a-kind piece, a fresh new sound, and a quite original composition. Listen now!


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♬ original sound – Jpgchief

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