Ozz Gold – “Give You My Love”

Las Vegas DJ and Producer, Ozz Gold, makes us dance and feel the love with his brand-new single “Give You My Love”. An uplifting and exciting tune that comes with a pristine production, proper of the biggest EDM festivals in the world.


What’s going on my friends, today we will prepare for the arrival of this amazing new tune. A musical production of top-notch skill and polished sounds. Vibrant, happy, and romantic, this track will most definitely ignite the spark within you, the one that makes us wanna give away love.

Ozz Gold is a producer and DJ from Las Vegas who, after graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point, decided to shift his path and move to Vegas to pursue a full-time music career. Isn’t that something? Rapidly growing in the music space, this young artist is up to some great stuff.

This track is my musical manifesto, showcasing my desire to spread love and positivity through music. As I transition out of the Air Force, begin my studies, and launch my full-time career in LA, this song is my vibrant declaration to the world. I hope you like it!

Ozz Gold
Ozz Gold "Give You My Love"

“Give You My Love” was inspired by both Tropical and Progressive House artists, such as Kygo and Alesso. Stabby synths, ethereal female vocals, catchy melodies, and a powerful kick make this track perfect for any dance floor, at any time. Its lush harmonies and bright atmospheres achieve a level of excitement in the listener that can only be described as euphoria.

So, stream now!

“I finished writing it back in November of 2022. I wanted to wait to release the song until I was completely out of the military because it truly resonates with my intention with my music career: to give and spread love.”

Ozz Gold


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♬ original sound – Jpgchief

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