SEGANA’s prowess as epic pop masterminds in new track “Mercy”

SEGANA are an Australian duo from Sydney, made up of artists Blair Djuna and JMap, who just released their second single of the year and it’s titled “Mercy”. The song is an upbeat pop track, filled with the best references and influences possible. The band themselves name-drop artists like Charli XCX, Harry Styles, Lizzo, and Taylor Swift as inspirations and it’s very easy to understand why the second you press play.


Like we’ve heard on other SEGANA songs before, especially on the comeback single “Fever Dreams” last March, the duo are in for a good time. The whole point of their songs is to make you dance, and they know how to write pop hooks that feel perfect for that. SEGANA are always very creative in their productions, emulating both Y2K era pop as well as 80s throwback references and managing to put it all together in a very interesting and unusual way for a pop song – especially one that still sounds this grand and ready for the floor.

“Mercy”, the new song, takes everything they’ve ever done before and turns it up to 11. In their latest work, the duo adds up both early Depeche Mode synths as well as make an epic choir-like chorus that wouldn’t feel out of place in a Prince song. They aimed big, and they got there.

It’s amazing from start to finish, flourishing with extravagance and larger-than-life pop sounds that work incredibly well. SEGANA has never sounded this big before, and they pulled it off like it was the easiest thing to do. We’ve been getting glimpses of said greatness in their newer material, “Fever Dreams” at that time was their biggest sounding track yet. And now we have “Mercy”, that comes to shows that the band is in this for the long haul and knows exactly what it is that they’re trying (and succeeding) to accomplish with their music.

There is a lot of truly great pop music happening right now on all sides, both indie and mainstream, but SEGANA is headed towards a path of reclaiming the epicness of 80s pop that isn’t in fashion anymore these days. The feeling of grandness that someone like Madonna used to have associated with her name, is what SEGANA is striving for – and they are on their way, one perfect pop single at a time.

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