Lonnieclaire – “Turn To Rust”

Lonnieclaire, a band with over 20 years of experience, has returned with “Turn To Rust”. A lo-fi, garage rock song with a unique charisma and old-school charm. Out now!


Lonnieclaire has been around for a while now, but it wasn’t too long ago since we had them in our blog with their debut single Flock O’ Fakes. Born in the crowded streets of 90’s Washington D.C., these guys are best known for their “expressive” style of lo-fi / garage rock, with a history going back over 20 years.

“Turn To Rust”, their brand new single, continues the band’s legacy of DIY approach. Described also as Garage Americana, the song’s sound is an interesting mixture of Classic Rock, Grunge, and Roots Rock, filtered through the dusty charm of the Lo-Fi genre.

The band’s songs are organically written and combine clever lyrics with moody vocals, hot-blooded guitars, and aggressive drums.

The result is an uplifting track watched through a dirty scope. A raw and pure delivery of emotions. Artistically defiant, a unique interpretation of sound, a challenge to modern life, and a return to past-eras. Truly a perfect balance between old and new, achieved through countless hours spent in the studio!

‘Turn to Rust’ will be featured on Lonnieclaire’s upcoming 12th LP titled “Mercury Wash” which will be
released in November 2023. So don’t miss out and listen now.



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♬ original sound – Jpgchief

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