Chris Caulfield’s latest single “Lovesick” is the true definition of catharsis

Emo indie mastermind Chris Caulfield is headed toward the release of his new album “Catharsis” and is about to unveil his latest single, “Lovesick”. The song features an abundance of sounds, effects, and emotions that sound raw, human, and vulnerable – much like all of this best work does.


On “Lovesick”, Chris blends at once all of his influences that range from hip-hop to alternative rock and, of course, emo. This time around, he adds a dash of dark pop as well just for good measure and it flows so perfectly alongside the rest of his discography. The thematics explored by Chris on this, the fourth single from Catharsis, follow his recurrent subjects like love, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

The raspiness of his voice adds an extra layer to the sounds, that seem urgent and primal like never before coming from him. It’s a cacophony of things being constantly crashed against each other, from the soft pianos in the background to the propulsive drum beats and insane vocal harmonies. He goes from rough to smooth in the blink of an eye, and it serves to illustrate exactly how his feelings are greater than his surroundings.

We’ve been talking about Chris’s music for quite some time now, and it’s always amazing to hear how much he’s changed and grown over the past few years. His greatest triumph is his ability to express emotions as they come, not afraid of exposing his vulnerability and doing so in a way that feels (for lack of a better word) cathartic. He’s showing us even more of all of this on “Lovesick”, and it makes it sound so exciting to listen to the entire record once it’s finally out. Chris Caulfield is a superstar in the emo underground, that keeps getting better and better with each new release and we’re lucky to be here to go along on his journey.


Chris Caulfield "Lovesick" press photo

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