Wild Horse’s “Attraction” is a nuanced and tasteful take on physical attraction

Brighton, UK-based indie trio Wild Horse is having quite a busy year, returning with yet another great track just a few months after “Tangled” and “Do You Wanna Talk“. Their latest, “Attraction” is quite literally a song about feeling physically attracted to someone – to the point where it hurts you. It’s a very relatable feeling, but singing about it can go sour very quickly and thankfully the boys dodge that bullet in every line.


“Attraction” is done so tastefully and with such a rich production behind it, there are pianos and synths that walk hand and hand, shy guitar lines, and honest lyrics that sell it from the start. That same theme appears on Caroline Polachek’s massive 2019 hit “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings”, but on the new Wild Horse single is unclear whether or not the person even knows what is happening. The song feels like an internal monologue, like someone trying to figure out their own feelings at the beginning of a new relationship. The chemistry is there, things are happening, but sometimes it feels like too much to actually say it to the other person.

That is where “Attraction” fits in. That moment in which saying too much too soon can make everything fall apart, but you can’t help but feel your feelings and try to deal with them. It takes the sexual attraction and turns it into a metaphor for the entire relationship because it’s more than just sex and you’re unsure if the feeling is mutual – that is why it hurts. It is a great song, written with delicacy and subtlety. It’s a fast-paced song but there is no urgency behind it, just acknowledgment that just being close to the person makes sparks fly off and the touch is electric.

It is also catchy as hell, taking the band’s funky guitars and turning them in a new direction. The piano is the centerpiece of “Attraction”, and it sounds so good. Their new single actually sounds new and different for them, giving the same vibe found in the latest Japanese House album, and this shift makes complete sense and compliments the lyrics very well. Wild Horse are like a storm taking on the indie world, and it’s amazing to witness it.


Wild Horse "Attraction" press photo


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