Filip Dahl releases “I Still See You”, a heartwarming homage to the most precious moments in his life

Norwegian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Filip Dahl has just released his newest single “I Still See You”. Feeling the rapid speed of time going past and the tender precious memories falling further into the past, Filip collected his thoughts on the unstoppable time and warm remembrance into this beautiful little song. “I Still See You” lets the dear people of his past know that Filip Dahl still sees them in his heart as bright as the day they were together making memories.


Filip’s poignant electric guitar introduces the mood of “I Still See You” with an acute awareness of fleeting years and memories growing more distant. And once his vocals come in with the pondering “Do you still remember me?”, the song turns into a melancholic look back to people no longer in his life. Filip soon turns towards a higher emotion with speedier instrumentation, adding an extra dimension to how quickly years have passed by and the eternal gratitude for the memories so dear. “I Still See You” is naturally deeply personal, but still such a captivating and inviting tune that reminds us to enjoy the current moments and embrace the warm people and memories made with them.

Filip Dahl press photo "I Still See You"

Speaking of personal, “I Still See You” comes along with a music video that includes photographs of him as a little child doing things little kids do. Chill cats seem to be a staple of childhood. In addition to early life photographs with his parents and other family members and friends, Filip Dahl has included pictures of himself as a young lad playing the electric guitar, the instrument that led him to play in various Norwegian bands as a lead guitarist.


I’s lovely how the video ends with a recent photo of him playing the guitar. Even though time is fleeting, some things remain with you. The memories and your passion will always stay.

“I Still See You” is out now on all major platforms!


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