Elijah Mann’s bold and dark new single “Alone”

Brooklyn-based artist Elijah Mann returns with a brand new single “Alone”, and it’s a completely stunning track that sways away from his usual folktronica style. “Alone” brings in the darkness and distorted guitars, in a track that feels like an illustration of anxiety and angst.


In “Alone” Mann sings about his own teenage years and how full of hard emotions they were. “This song was written to be a time capsule of a 16-year-old me, seemingly always in a ‘will they/won’t they’ scenario: angsty as hell, feeling incredibly isolated, but still living for the drama“, the singer himself says about the track. And all of this can be felt not only through the lyrics but the production as well. Darker and heavier than anything he’s ever put out so far, “Alone” is a bold step for Mann.

The dark undertones of “Alone” work perfectly with the anxiety-ridden lyrics and Mann makes an impressive use of his strong-yet-comforting vocals. On “Alone”, Mann goes from soft singing to near screams as the song goes on, showcasing in just one new track exactly how versatile he can be. The layered vocal harmonies in the final third of the song feature some truly remarkable work from Mann, who knows how to command your attention very easily.

“Alone” was written in partnership with video game developers Ursa Mayhem Media, who approached Mann and asked for a plot song for their new game Here There Be Bears that could be both a love song for the main character as well as capturing the ever-growing fear of getting lost in a cave. And “Alone” does exactly that, with eerie atmospheres and constant building up the tension surrounding it. It’s a beautiful song; a perfect way for Mann to explore new sounds and prove to us all that he can do anything.


Elijah Mann "Alone" press photo


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