JFT’s new single “To Be Back Here Again” is nostalgic for the near future

Manchester-based artist JFT just released his brand new single “To Be Back Here Again” and it’s a lovely indie pop-infused guitar ballad. The proud Mancunian has been releasing music since late 2021 and keeps improving on his indie rock with time and things are shaping up really nicely for the boy.


JFT quit his day job earlier this year to focus solely on his musical career and just gave us his first single of 2023. The new track, “To Be Back Here Again”, was written by JFT after he got back from a favorite holiday destination, and brings the perspective of someone who’s just had the time of his life in that place and longs to return soon. It’s a delicate ballad, filled with catchy hooks and great lyrics centered around nostalgia and daydreaming.

“I had just returned from a favourite holiday destination and was longing to get back there again as soon as I could. Some places really have an impact on you (maybe it’s the nostalgia) but this tune explores that some more.”


The production on “To Be Back Here Again” helps bring out the feeling of the end of a vacation, and how much you don’t really want to return to normal life even though you know you have to. JFT makes great use of the guitar riffs as usual, in hopes of “the return of proper guitar music to the top of the charts”, and he sounds really confident on this one. His vision is perfectly clear, and he has a way of portraying such conflicting emotions in a beautiful way.

“To Be Back Here Again” does a wonderful job in continuing to explore the same soundscapes made by him on his great past singles at the same time that manages to keep things moving forward. It’s a beautiful track about remembering fondly some holiday that just happened and isn’t even properly over yet, but it was so impactful that you already miss it. And it does all of this without ever going to the dark and sad side; it’s a fun little ballad to listen to while you soak up the rest of the sun and get ready for real life again.


JFT "To Be Back Here Again" press photo
“Expect catchy melodies and a new-style indie pop/rock with a very distinctive vocal.” JFT


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