Everpresent – “Seduce Me”

American Dark Pop Electronica artist, Everpresent, has just dropped “Seduce Me”, a single which first saw its foundation in 2001. 22 years later, the Dark-Wave track is fully done and ready to seduce your ears. Out now!

Everpresent was created by Matthew Cahoon, who after a four-year hiatus is now back in the saddle and ready for more music. The project is a mix of Goth Rock and Dark-Wave, adding some Industrial and Pop influences.

“Seduce Me” is a slow-burning song with different surprise sections in it, meaning that you just don’t see ’em coming. It grows from a downtempo beat with softly sung vocals, to a rampage of Industrial Rock riffs and frantic vocals. The ups and downs keep the track interesting and the listener on their toes.

The song was made in collaboration with singer/arranger Katie Robinette, who has recorded with Everpresent in the past, appearing on a remix of the song “Rain” in 2016, and performed with Cahoon live during that time on the East Coast.

The track also comes with a music video made by videographer/musician Kahlina, who remixed three Everpresent songs on the EP, “Kahlina Reconstructions” in 2016, and appeared as the guitarist in the 2018 video “Inside”.  She stars in the “Seduce Me” video alongside Cahoon and Robinette.

“Seduce Me” is composed, programmed, and sung by Cahoon (who also plays drums on the track), but is enhanced significantly by added synths, production, and the inventive guitar work of Ethan Matthews. So, listen now!


Everpresent "Seduce Me" press photo


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