Carpe Diem magical new single “Pixie Dust”

Carpe Diem’s new single Pixie Dust. Enhanced by the ghostly beautiful melodies coming from a hang drum, a wonderful instrument of healing energy, as well as the vibrant sound of flute that is arguably the instrument for fairies to play, the storyteller song encourages its listeners to never give up on your dreams, to find magic in little things in life, as well as highlighting the power of kindness.

Losun “Crossroad”

“The inspiration for this song came from a relationship that got caught in “neverland” like the lyrics say. “Crossroad” is an analogy about the life paths we take. We’re all following our independent path in this experience we call life and sometimes we meet people at a crossroad. Some people follow similar directions, but others have a completely different plan. When it comes to a relationship it’s impossible to build something if future plans don’t go well together. That’s when you have to accept the reality and keep following your own path. It’s all about that carpe diem.” Losun

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