Chris Caulfield’s latest single “Lovesick” is the true definition of catharsis

On “Lovesick”, Chris Caulfield blends at once all of his influences that range from hip-hop to alternative rock and, of course, emo. This time around, he adds a dash of dark pop as well just for good measure and it flows so perfectly alongside the rest of his discography.

Chris Caulfield’s painful new track “Walls Come Down”

“I can remember my wife repeatedly commenting how this wasn’t real, this wasn’t me, nothing was making sense, and in retrospect I of course agree, and it’s part of what made this such an awful stretch, that feeling of not being able to really connect with where you were mentally, emotionally in a moment,” Chris Caulfield

Chris Caulfield’s somber and seductive “Feelings”

“The brain can go into “protect” mode after periods of intense anxiety or stress, like a shutoff. During a highly challenging time last year, I noticed these periods where I’d feel numb, or empty, following these moments. On one hand, the calm was welcome, free from the anguish felt in the moments prior – but on the other, it was also disconcerting.” – Chris Caulfield

Top 100 Songs 2022 Part 01 (100-76)

Important to mention that this is an exercise that I do for fun, for love to share the music that I enjoy the most during this year, to highlight this artist that deserves much more recognition that they have right now, in no more than a picture, that you and I can take a look now and then and remember some of the great moments that this bands give us during this year.

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