Fantastic Frank Joshua’s New Album “Talk Of Things”

Treading between the upbeat and the beatless, the desolate and the uplifting, “Talk of Things” by Frank Joshua brings forth a glorious collection of music that transforms elusive emotions into captivating genre-crossing tunes that easily penetrate the surface for even the most reserved listeners.

Frank Joshua “Five Minutes (Jon Kennedy remix)”

This duo is Frank Joshua, a singer-songwriter with open honest sound weaving melancholic vibes, and Jon Kennedy, a producer keen on everything trip-hop. The remix of “Fire Minutes” is, in fact, a carefully built trip-hop goodness giving the pondering thoughts over these 5 minutes that running feeling, something akin to feeling how time flies by.

Top 100 Songs 2022 Part 07 (Top 10)

I’m happy to say that this task is completed, was a great year, full of music, fantastic debuts, and phenomenal albums, we found together great tunes, brand new bands, and such great artists, and the best part is that we enjoy them together. This countdown is just a glimpse of this dying year, thank you for all that you did for us and these artists, we appreciate you.

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