I Am The Unicorn Head – “I Fell In Love With A Space Slug”

Yes, my dears, our favorite band I Am The Unicorn Head is back and after the release of Cosmologic Adventuring, they now return with their second single off their upcoming new album, “Unicorns in Space”! A concept album that follows the adventures of these two intrepid unicorn astronauts as they explore the galaxy.

I Am The Unicorn Head’s new adventure “Cosmologic Adventuring”

“Cosmologic Adventuring” by I Am The Unicorn Head marks the Prologue of this exciting new series, and it presents our space heroes as they are launched into the sky and beyond the stars, drifting away from Earth. It’s well known that the unicorns have a strong affinity for David Bowie, and this single is not the exception, for it carries a strong influence from the Blackstar.

I Am The Unicorn Head, Michael Kiel Cash, gldn, and more…

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I wanna make special mention of opening/closing tracks “Future Dinosaurs” and “Future Dinosaurs (reprise)”, as their acoustic style and short duration very much remind me of Pink Floyd’s album “Animals”, and I believe that to be a very nice touch. Also, honorable mention to the track “I Fear God (is leaving tonight)”, as its tribal drums-extravaganza mixed with female chants also brings me back to Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of The Moon”! Madzen


“‘Omnipresent’ is a modern take on 60’s Garage Rock/Psych. We created the song by sharing music files back and forth across the Atlantic. The song originated with the brooding and aggressive bass line, and we built the rest of the song around that. We wanted to lift the song from a basic garage rock groove, so we added an unusual, psychedelic leaning lyric, to add a bit of mystery and interest!” – IATUH

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