Luke Frees With”Honeycomb Hotel” Gives A Nostalgic and Uplifting Indie Rock Gem

“Honeycomb Hotel” is a well-crafted indie guitar-based pop song that’s perfect for those who love indie bands and the nostalgic sounds of the late 80s and early 90s. It’s a song that reminds us of the importance of self-love and healing, and with Luke Frees’ raw energy, it’s sure to uplift your mood.

Luke Frees darker new single “Moonshine Queen”

“This is a very passionate song, and it’s inspired by the feelings of anger and clarity you get after coming out of a relationship that was maybe a little unhealthy. It’s a reaffirmation of my own beliefs and my own intuition, because when you’re in a relationship like that, it’s very easy to get swallowed up in your partner’s beliefs and forget your own. It’s similar to alcoholism and drinking, where you get sucked up and become a different person from those external forces, so I used that as a central metaphor in this song.” Luke Frees

Luke Frees loveful new track “If There Ain’t a Heaven”

Depicting that special stage in romantic relationship, when two people have fully connected with one another, but before becoming familiar has started chipping away at the vibrancy of the emotion, the song by Luke Frees is gentle as if it’s holding the most beautiful and fragile gem in the world, but also full of sheer power.

Luke Frees – “Most Of The Time”

“The a-side, Most Of The Time, began with the concept to write about how the worst part of breaking up is all the jokes and anecdotes you shared with someone start to fade away, and you realize pretty soon they won’t exist to anybody anymore. It’s got a haunting violin part played by my very good friend Corwin Zekley, who I’ve collaborated with a lot in the past.” – Luke Frees

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