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Hi, thank you for visiting the blog and checking this article, as you can see on the website the album of the week this time is for our dear friend’s “Occurrence” with their double album “Slow Violence”. If you still haven’t listened to it, you need to do it ASPA, and also in the top 3 we have the debut album by Butterfly Garden, and after more than 10 years Mattis Antonsson is back with a brand new EP.

Occurrence’s masterful and impressive new album “Slow Violence”

Slow Violence by Occurrence is a massive collection of twenty-two songs, showcasing all of the trio’s abilities at once. Over the course of the record, we see the band creating powerful music, with dreamy atmospheres and vocal melodies alongside crashing percussion and a somewhat industrial influence.

Occurrence new single “Universe Moves So Fast”

The nature of the upcoming occurrence album is not only experimental but according to the band a step further into introspection in which they’ve expressed being extremely proud of the record, but also “a little bit scared of it.” In the creative process, they went down a rabbit hole of exploration into dark subject matter, explicit sexual expression, as well as the joys of love.

Abby London “Bushes”

“I was in an on again and off again relationship with a guy named Matt. I don’t know how many times we broke up and got back together. I was so scared to show who I was and reveal my secrets to someone I knew. I was scared to imagine my life without him. I would stay home some weekends in a terrible mental loop obsessing over things that had happened. I couldn’t forgive him and I couldn’t move on. I didn’t fit into his lifestyle and I wasn’t doing much with my music. Abby London

Zaryah – suspicious behavior

Paying homage to the famous Bond espionage movies, Luxembourgish artist Zaryah sings and performs a mysterious and gripping story in her single, ‘suspicious behavior’. Currently based in Los Angeles, Zaryah is a twenty-four-year-old singer and songwriter with an alternative pop and RnB sound who has tendency to go for dreamy and ethereal visuals that fit… Continue Reading →

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