S J Denney’s stunning and complex new single “Tread Carefully”

‘Like all my songs, “Tread Carefully” was born really quickly. I’d been thinking about an ongoing saga with a friend and reminded myself that I needed to tread carefully. As soon as the voice in my head said that, I knew it had to be a title’, S J Denney himself says about the song.

S J Denney- “I Don’t Know If This Changes Things?”

S J Denney brings forward a feeling of hopeful nostalgia with his music featuring baritone electric guitar, piano and an awesome muted trumpet solo. This assures that, no matter what you like “I Don’t Know If Thhis Changes Things?” has something that you will love. Its atmosphere transmits us a feeling of bittersweetness engulfs us.

Matthew Lian Nicholson, S J Denney, Samseb Kierkegaard,and more…

I’m really thrilled to present you these great albums, so enjoy it and don’t forget to spread the word, we all have friends, or that social media group where you can always apport these artists,  it’s that simple and so much important, they also deserve to be introduced to all these unknown artists, otherwise they’re going to be missing some great stuff that can’t find as easily out there as you can do here.

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