Aggressive Soccer Moms, Kimaya Digs, Melissa Grey & David Morneau, and more great stuff for you to enjoy!

Hey, dear music lovers, I wish you’re doing great and enjoying the weekend, week, and day whenever you’re reading this, another week is going and yes, this is 9 Albums/EPs You Should Listen To Week 10! The album of the week belongs to Aggressive Soccer Moms.

Aggressive Soccer Moms “QUINT”

Aggressive Soccer Moms recorded a cover. A version of Yoko Ono’s “Why” “Her way of approaching music has many similarities to ASM’s way of experimenting with their music. The monotony of her song “Why” is interspersed with rock’n’roll vibes as in “Sisters, O Sisters”. If any genre boundary is identified, it must be broken.


So our booked week was used to complete “Deviation” and to record another album. This upcoming album, “All You Need”, which will be released on May 26th.
The first song we recorded was “It’s Not Love”. And the dark feel and dramatic sound colored the rest of the recordings. Aggressive Soccer Moms

The Electric MZ introduces breezy new jazz single “Dawn”

Hailing from Sweden, The Electric MZ is a band exploring rhythmic jazz-rock compositions. Formed back in 2013 and releasing music since 2015, the band consists of saxophonist Stefan Wistrand, guitarist David Lindh, bassist Mattias Greén, and Johannes Rytzler and Johan Carlsson playing keys and drums respectively.

Unknown But Essentials! (May 2022)

May is almost gone, but I can say that this was a great ride for sure, welcome back dear music loverls, I’m ready to share with you only 10 tracks that are standouts discoveries for me this month, you know that I’m going to mention “only ten” but this playlists is the largest so far this year 78 tracks, in your UNKOWN BUT ESSENTILS! As always I’m sure you’re going to find some true gems, enjoy it.  

Top 100 Songs 2022 Part 02 (75-51)

Important to mention that this is an exercise that I do for fun, for love to share the music that I enjoy the most during this year, to highlight this artist that deserves much more recognition that they have right now, it’s only a picture, that you and I can take a look now and then and remember some of the great moments that this bands give us during this year.

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