I Panic – “(Welcome to The Night Of) Broken Promises”

“Broken Promises” tells the story of two ex-lovers, meeting one more time despite promising never to see each other again. I’m sure you know the rest! A classic adventure story presented in an uplifting manner with joyful choruses hiding the bits of regret! But it’s all good, as I Panic ends the story on a good note, wanting to believe once again.

Blueprint Tokyo – “Panic Carefully”

A powerful comeback from Oklahoma musicians Kevin Dawson and Andy Hale. A new band with a brand new single, the very first step for this duo to get back on track after a tough season. Blueprint Tokyo presents: Panic Carefully. Kevin and Andy were on the road for years as professional musicians before they returned… Continue Reading →

Laughing In Slow Motion – “Cabin Fever”

“This song poured out of him after he made the conscious decision to fight back without trampling the rights of others and do better through it all… a decision to work hard to persevere and overcome the ensuing hardships, the fear of the unknown and just live his life free from toxic people and media fear mongering.”

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