Nobody’s Wolf Child final chapter in “Nobody’s”

. As usual when it comes to this project, “Nobody’s” is an astonishing piece of music, blending electronics that range from trip-hop to Kate Bush’s experimentalisms. The sense of mystery surrounding the Nobody’s Wolf Child persona makes it even more enthralling, and this time around this can be perceived in the video.

Nobody’s Wolf Child’s dark new single “Green Fires”

The most interesting projects nowadays are those who are not afraid of trying something completely new, and one of those is definitely Nobody’s Wolf Child. Her proposal lies in creating an audiovisual spectacle between video and music, in a way that they enhance each other in a very special way, all while maintaining an overarching… Continue Reading →

Nobody’s Wolf Child “Lost Among the Pines”

As Nobody’s Wolf Child leads the song, setting the lost and sad feelings that will permeate it during all of its run, the accompanying voices of the forest, featured as strings, will soon join her and let her know she can find a home in this white landscape. As the Wolves and the shadows of the trees welcome her into her new home, the ethereal and minimalistic instrumentals will embrace the listener as well. 

Nobody’s Wolf Child “The Fall”

As with every great beginning, the story of Nobody’s Wolf Child begins in layers of mystery and the story’s main character falling down deeper through the clouded space. It’s a slow descension, paced almost like the course of an emotional crash, and hearing the cinematic moodiness of “The Fall”, it could very well be one. There are symphonic swells at the beginning, intimate silence between her vocals and string melodies. It’s all so beautiful, yet behind the beauty of the elusive creature lies a complicated mess of existence, someone who never wanted any of this to happen.

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