Under Delusion’s powerful single “Over The Rainbow”

“Over The Rainbow” was written in loving memory of Under Delusion’s friend and talented musician Maxx Verkhovski. Maxx worked with them in a studio when they recorded demos of Fairy, Pain and other songs of their debut album. “We had a great conversation about music, artists and music-making just a day before he passed away”, the band explains.

Under Delusion “Fairy”

“The song was written in 1 hour and lyrics probably came from above!) I had just recorded a new riff and top line and improvised on my solo guitar. After I replayed the record with my improvisation I could definitely hear many lines of text in guitar track. I took a pencil and just wrote it down in ten minutes adding some phrases to get the whole story. That’s why it’s easier and more fun than any of our songs.”

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