Scalawag, “You on my mind”

February 18, 2021 Welcome to our lastest entry at Less than 1,000 Followers; today I'll be presenting the newest single by the extremely talented, Vancouver based, young artist Scalawag! Scalawag, also known as Teo Saekfow, is a Bi, multi-instrumentalist (Trumpet, Saxophone, Percussion, Bass, Piano, Ukulele and Guitar) singer-songwriter from Smithers, B.C. with ample exposure... Continue Reading →

City Tracks, “You are mine”

Febrauary 15, 2021 There's no better way to start your week off right than by checking out our most recently curated tracks; today I'll have the pleasure of introducing you to the debut single of Canadian band City Tracks, so let's get right into it! City Tracks is an indie-rock band based in St. Catherines, Ontario. Their... Continue Reading →

Anaté, “Rio”

February 13, 2021 Salut tout le monde! Today we'll be presenting the third single from the debut album by Anaté, a collaborative project defined by a downtempo cut, with influences ranging from Massive Attack (in the production) to Sade ( in the melodic and harmonic writing). I'm very happy of sharing with you this release!... Continue Reading →

SWINE, “No Fightin'”

February 14, 2021 Hope you are all having a nice Sunday out there! Today we'll be presenting you with a great idea for Valentine's Day; listening to the new track just released by SWINE! SWINE was formed back in 2017, in Swinton, Salford. Their debut EP, "Fools Britannia", catches the rough and early sound... Continue Reading →

Aaron Yorke, “Master of Deflection”

February 12, 2021 You all know what Friday means here at Less Than 1,000 Followers... today we'll be introducing you to the first song from Aaron Yorke's latest musical project, one of our picks that's not to be missed! Aaron Yorke is an award winning UK singer songwriter based in Worcester. His music has... Continue Reading →

Grant Nesmith – “Dreams of the Coast” album

February 5, 2021 A strong desire for adventure and freedom is often hidden under the veil created by daily life's struggles and compromises... but sometimes you get lucky and come across works of art that make you rediscover that feeling. Today's sophomore album by Grant Nesmith, "Dreams Of The Coast", did that for me as... Continue Reading →

Eddie Cohn “VS.”

January 30, 2021 Artist, writer and yoga teacher Eddie Cohn has just released his latest dance track this Friday, and we are very excited to share with you this single and the ideas behind it! Eddie Cohn's musical career has spanned decades, as a singer/songwriter inspired by Pearl Jam, Radiohead and Peter Gabriel, but... Continue Reading →

The Magic Epic “Sally”

January 29, 2021 Singer, songwriter and musician from the UK, The Magic Epic has just released his first single this Friday, and we are very pleased of having the chance to share it with you! The Magic Epic has been a solo artist since 2015, centering his work around the themes of love, life,... Continue Reading →

Musketeer “Prince of Denmark”

January 29, 2021 Following up on last Friday's release of "Prince Of Denmark", the final single from Musketeer's second Studio EP , "The North Sea", we are delighted to share its Official Live Video that's just being released today! Australian singer-songwriter Musketeer has been on the European musical scene for years, learning from the... Continue Reading →

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