“Joan of Arc” by Peggy James

There’s something uniquely reassuring about the sound of Americana when it’s performed with such conviction and resonance as this, a performance that echoes with the confident humanity of the Midwest. Peggy James probes us to ponder the question “Joan of Arc where are you now? Can you come back and show us how? To be... Continue Reading →

“What If” by Ruby Jean Rose

Since bursting onto the scene with her 2016 Live album "Live in Lewes" Ruby Jean Rose has charmed audiences the world over with her intoxicating brand of indie-folk. Brighton born and LA raised, her musical journey has taken her all over the world. After a spell of travelling and performing, helped along by the sounds... Continue Reading →

“Life After Life (Super Cut)” by Patches Dennis

LAL is a little different to the rest of the tracks on the album - I thought it would be a nice idea to finish with something very straight-up and groovy, all following this relentless pulse. It’s written a little like a dance tune but with a bit more variation and experimentation - a Patches-dance tune. Patches Dennis

“Gaslighting the End Times” by The Helters

It’s about time The Helters released a new single, a lot of alt/indie music fans from Bristol and beyond can breathe a collective sigh of relief that things are beginning to kick off again. Picking up where they left off when their “Afghani Super Smack” EP landed some time back when the opening track Salt... Continue Reading →

“Last Goodbye” by Tasha Blackmore

"I was inspired to write Last Goodbye after I found myself having trouble to move on from a situation that I knew wasn't healthy for me anymore and that I deserved better. I said a thousand times that I was going to end it but I was struggling to really cut those ties, until one day something inside of me changed and I was finally at the point of no return. You know in yourself that you aren't being treated right, that you deserve better but you haven't found the courage to end it... yet, "Last Goodbye" talks about the moment when you reach the point of no return and this time, it really is the last goodbye".

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