Smoke Spider “You’re Wearing Me Out”

This song is a total YES for me, without a doubt! I love how its beat is a bit crazy, perhaps even the kind of synth you know you're going to hear when you're about to warp out or step into an alternate reality. Besides its beat, the lyrics and volcals, are just so good. The entire song is something I'd definitely put on full blast while getting ready for a night out that I know for a fact will be another rollercoaster ride, or a night of just pure good vibrations (even if the lyrics tell us otherwise, lol).

Monrad “Wired”

Monrad, also known as Matthew Ramon, born and raised in Belgium but felt the need to flee from his own hometown in search of new challenges in the industry. After years of wandering around, he finally settled down in a small village in Italy. After a few years of trying to figure out how... Continue Reading →

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