Electric High – Go Easy On My Heart

New EP time! 5 tracks from the Norwegian band Electric High of which 2 were previously unreleased: Go Easy On My Heart and Sexy One. The self titled opener was among the first songs they wrote, but at long last they got everything right recently to immortalize it in the studio. The theme's a classic:... Continue Reading →

Geo Moon ft. Taylor Mitchell (Not Now Norman) – Run Boy (No Longer)

After the big releases 12 Years of Patience and Prior to the Forest you know you can be sure of 2 things: 1. You won't know what to expect, as Geo Moon is as eclectic as the colour palette of Van Gogh. And 2. Whatever comes out is generally good. Definitely no jack of all... Continue Reading →

Guerilla State – Autonomy : Part One

It's Friday! A new weekly music overdose is upon us, but luckily there's >1000Followers to filter what's good. And this brand new EP of Guerilla State, you guessed it, is exactly that. Half a dozen tracks for your pleasure, so where to start... The first track! Harbinger makes no secret of its early 2000's Muse... Continue Reading →

Madonnatello – You Owe Me Rent

Don't let the Danish group Madonnatello deceive you with You Owe Me Rent. In fact, don't let Madonnatello deceive you with being Madonnatello, thought provoking as they are. If you see their cover art, their band logo in particular, you'd expect metal, grindcore maybe. But instead you get treated with a beautiful steamy indie-shoegaze-pop track... Continue Reading →

Kite Thief – Sweepstake

Kite Thief has already made name in alt rock/prog metal with their previous 3 singles, but with a twist: sugar sweet sounding vocals and right when you've become comfortable with them, a lioness gets unleashed out of nowhere. Sweepstake feels like this is going to be "the ballad" for a whole 15 seconds, but fear... Continue Reading →

Moon Museum – Pleasures of Peace

Melancholy is key on this one. On this brand new guitar and vocals driven track of Moon Museum the singer can be heard reminiscing "It's okay, I dream about you anyway" about not very long ago: San Francisco before the tech boom transformed the area completely. And while Moon Museum can normally be found in... Continue Reading →

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