Craig Gould “Ain’t No Place To Hide”

“I wanted my debut single to reflect who I am as a person, my journey and my beliefs. I’ve been through some very difficult times with my mental health, and I’ve come through them stronger. I had to reinvent myself to do that, and along with that came a different way of viewing the world. This song reflects on my old life, and celebrates a rebirth, whilst also carrying a call to arms. I feel so passionate about the lack of responsibility people can take towards making the world a better place, and how dismissive people can be about helping other people in need. It upsets me, and angers me. I had to generate that into song, and here we are.” Craig Gould

DARGZ – “Lou’s Tune”

The magic of sampling is to take a sound that already exists, and twist it in such way that it is given new life, or even turning out unrecognizable. This can be done by chopping it, adding distortion, turning up or down the pitch, reversing it, expanding it, distorting it… anyway, you get the idea. Sky’s the limit!!

Hannah Lamb “I need u”

“I need u was born from a situation I found myself in with a friend. I think we hear a lot of songs about troubles in romantic relationships and perhaps not so many about the things we go through with our friends. I really wanted to express that I knew I had made mistakes but that I still hoped we wouldn’t lose each other. Friendships can be really intense experiences and I wanted to capture that with I need u.” Hannah Lamb

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