Chet Bucke “Leaving (Marie)”

"‘Leaving (Marie)’ came to me one night a year ago, around the beginning Spring. I received a video of my grandmother singing for her friends back in Spain that inspired a deep sense of homesickness and longing for connection. I instinctively picked up my guitar and started fiddling along to her voice. I felt that something quite meaningful could arise, and it quickly materialised into the hook and main body of the song." Chet Bucke

DULCIE “Medicate Me”

"I wrote medicate me when I was 16 after having some really hard years with my mental health. I am diagnosed with borderline personality disorder which is a mental illness I will have to deal with my whole life so I’ve been on and off various medications since the age of 14. This song talks about my experience taking medication and the stigma that surrounds it. I want my music to advocate for mental health awareness but not been all doom and gloom- that’s where my groovy, feel-good sound comes into it! I love making music that makes people wanna dance!" DULCIE


"Outta Time" is an anthem for those that are struggling to reach their dreams and sense time is running out as they get older. The music business is tough and by the time your 25 if you haven't made it, it's almost like it's not going to happen. When I say "Maybe I can, restart the clock" I'm trying to convey to not give up on your dreams and keep moving forward. TWAM

Xander Cameron – “Whitney Houston”

"I remember watching the UK top 40 on TV when I was about 8 years old, on came ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney. The second she opened her mouth I was hooked, What. A. Voice. For weeks I trawled through my parents CD, Vinyl and cassette cupboards trying to find it so I could listen to it on repeat, but never succeeded. To this day, each time I hear a belting vocal performance I think back to that time." - Xander Cameron

Jazzy “hands to yourself”

“I wrote this song because I was desperate for an outlet to unpack this emotionally overwhelming experience with someone that took almost two years for me to heal from. The initial inspiration behind this song were the questions that I  was left with. It was one of those episodes that ended abruptly without proper closure (well, for me at least). Jazzy

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