Laredo’s Bag – “Last Night”

"hmm.... I'm too old to play games with all of this, so I'll begin by saying that as a seventy-year-old I'm enjoying challenging myself in countless respects by ATTEMPTING to write and produce (solo and with the most basic of "desk" studios) quality songs --- despite my severely limited musical/technical proficiencies". Laredo's Bag

Robbie Rapids’ Jasmine Girl

"She’d come back to the house in secret when I was at work for a few weeks to do laundry etc. while getting resettled.  This song is my perspective and written during this difficult time of my life.  The song was never fully finished until the pandemic gave me lots of time to work on original songs and really start digging through old memories." Robbie Rapids

9 O’Clock Nasty – “By All Means Necessary”

You just gotta love this Garage Rock raccoons: Their hilarious sense of humor and plain talent; their own, unique approach to making music; the clear and solid friendship they have with each other; their excellent music videos made with almost zero budget. You've got to admit, their DIY approach to everything they do has clearly worked very good for them, creating for them a solid identity both on social media and their community.

Only Bodies – “Only Bodies” EP

"Hey there! Thanks for checking out Only Bodies. We hope you’ll go on a journey with our self-titled EP as it explores the difficulties that come with the emotional growing pains inherent to love. Our music aims to balance sincerity and honesty with thoughtfulness and tact. Also, to make you wiggle your booty." - Only Bodies

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