Jimmy Eff “You’re Not Alone”

“With all that has gone on over the past two years, it is more important than ever that we take our mental health seriously. ‘You’re Not Alone’ was the first time I’ve ever written a song lyrics first and then added the riff/chords afterwards. This song is a reminder to my friend that I’m here, but also a call out to anyone who is going through a tough time that everyone goes through tough times and it is OK not to be OK. There’s always someone to talk to.” Jimmy Eff

The Brothers Steve- Dose

Back Story for “Griffith Observatory”

We were listening to the radio and a song from 1966 called “Winchester Cathedral” came on. It’s by a band called the New Vaudeville Band from England. In the song, the singer expresses resentment toward Winchester Cathedral—the building itself—for not ringing its bell to alert him to the fact that his girlfriend was leaving town.

On the surface, it’s just a cute song. A novelty, almost. But if you think about it at all, it becomes disturbing. Unsettling.

Our song takes that basic premise—a guy unreasonably expecting a local landmark to help him keep tabs on his girlfriend—and puts it in a Los Angeles/Hollywood context, under a Bee Gees “Nights on Broadway” 1970s-type parabola.

Harboring “Harboring EP”

“I was originally writing and recording for a school project but carried on with the project hoping to release it. For the writing, I was trying to capture the feeling of the house and the sound of my childhood. Lilies is written about my childhood dog who passed away about 10 years ago. Nevermore, Never More is about the iterations of myself that I carry with me. And finally, Pieces of Me is about my evolution as a person carrying me into college. I tend to be a very cathartic person so this was a true emotional release for me.” Harboring

Nordic Hamster – Nordic Hamster EP

“Nordic Hamster is a duo (Cody Nordine & Cody Hamilton). I met Cody (Nordine) years ago when he was the bass player for Alphæus. I remember finding out he was actually a guitarist primarily and I wanted to hear more from him. I was blown away by the music he began to share with me. I helped him release a single (Part Of Me) as a solo artist in 2020. He told me then that he wanted to do an album/EP with his friend Hammy (Cody Hamilton). I feel like the two of them complement each other incredibly, not just musically but personality wise. They have been friends for years, they’ve been in bands together before, and that dynamic carried over to what Nordic Hamster is.” Javier Perez (Indian River Music Company)

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