Unknown But Essentials! (June 2022)

Hey, how are you, my friends? I’m so excited about the bands that I’m going to share with you, with tracks released this June, that by the way, was a monster month for this playlist, over 120 tracks added in your UNKOWN BUT ESSENTILS! As always I’m only going to mention 10 standouts, but you can go through all the playlist and enjoy these gems.  

Rena Hart “Ride or Die”

"The opening lyric to Ride or Die is a perfect representation of what I was feeling. “I found myself on a highway heading south when I should have been going the other way.” I literally wrote that line while commuting to my job. I had been working a 9 - 5 and had completed neglected this other part of me. The artist in me was trapped, abandoned, sad and angry. I knew I had to turn things around and focus on music and I was lucky to have someone by my side to encourage me to live in my power." Rena Hart

Smoke Spider “Desolation”

“Desolation” Lyrically, the track explores the theme of finding an exit when your whole being is screaming for relief and redemption, and you’re looking for that wormhole in reality’s web through where you’ll get to that “somewhere else-place” where the pain that’s keeping you on your toes will die down and let you put your naked feet on the ground.

Voodoo Bloo – “The Blessed Ghost”

"For all intents and purposes, I am The Blessed Ghost, or more importantly was The Blessed Ghost, a true mirror image of not only everything I disliked about myself, but a guide as to how I can better myself every day of my life, for as long as I can hear this album, I will be glad in knowing that I have come so far and done so much." Rory / Voodoo Bloo


"This EP, Heart in a Notebook was a crowdfunded album recorded at PlaidDog Recording in Boston, MA and is a handful of tunes that represent the versatility of my Songwriting. Down to the River is an origin song that tells about where I came from and who I am and how I deal with life. The single and title of the EP, Heart in a Notebook, is a first person perspective of my journey through heartbreak, breakup, and the struggle to move on. "

Kyle Huskey “Villain”

"Back in March I decided to check myself into a residential rehab facility. I decided before they picked me up that I would leave my guitar at home. Focus on my recovery. Oddly enough, just a few days before I got there someone had donated a guitar to the facility. Villain was the first song I wrote on that cheap guitar. Day 3 of rehab alone at 4AM in the cafeteria. I had so much shame & guilt. I felt completely worthless & terrified. And then all of sudden I had Villain." Kyle Huskey

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