Jimmy Eff “You’re Not Alone”

“With all that has gone on over the past two years, it is more important than ever that we take our mental health seriously. ‘You’re Not Alone’ was the first time I’ve ever written a song lyrics first and then added the riff/chords afterwards. This song is a reminder to my friend that I’m here, but also a call out to anyone who is going through a tough time that everyone goes through tough times and it is OK not to be OK. There’s always someone to talk to.” Jimmy Eff


“We started out as a skatepunk band, but over the years we’ve mellowed a bit and have been influenced by a lot of newer bands since then. And a lot of the songs on this album have been written during this period of being influenced by new bands. A bit of backstory on the recording process – we recorded the guitars twice for this album.# Still Shaking

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