JAMO – “Late Nights”

“So during lockdown at the start of the year I created a really nice chord progression that I loved. I developed it further into a song structure where I was inspired to write and record an amazing guitar riff. Listening back to this instrumental late at night lines of lyrics started to come into my head out of nowhere, “I’m addicted to the late night” “. JAMO

Pacific K “Light Variations EP”

“I often refer to my songs as being meditative. Whether is a quiet and intimate story of profound love or an overdrive guitar riff that breathes energy, or a groovy, African-inspired rhythm, I always try to bring those depths and inspiration to the listeners. So, what people can expect, and what I often invite them to do, is to let themselves flow with the music, join the journey and see where it takes them.” Kristaps Bedritis

Violet Temples “Enemy”

“Enemy was written as a result of me being fed up with my own destructive tendencies; laziness, a lack of self-discipline, self-sabotage. I was able to recognize my potential and come up with great ideas, yet I had no follow through. This song is literally me intervening with myself like, “Hey, you are getting nowhere in life, pull yourself together”.” Violet Temples

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