“We started out as a skatepunk band, but over the years we’ve mellowed a bit and have been influenced by a lot of newer bands since then. And a lot of the songs on this album have been written during this period of being influenced by new bands. A bit of backstory on the recording process – we recorded the guitars twice for this album.# Still Shaking

Nordic Hamster – Nordic Hamster EP

“Nordic Hamster is a duo (Cody Nordine & Cody Hamilton). I met Cody (Nordine) years ago when he was the bass player for Alphæus. I remember finding out he was actually a guitarist primarily and I wanted to hear more from him. I was blown away by the music he began to share with me. I helped him release a single (Part Of Me) as a solo artist in 2020. He told me then that he wanted to do an album/EP with his friend Hammy (Cody Hamilton). I feel like the two of them complement each other incredibly, not just musically but personality wise. They have been friends for years, they’ve been in bands together before, and that dynamic carried over to what Nordic Hamster is.” Javier Perez (Indian River Music Company)

Jorge Ostos “Dream”

“Initially the idea was to have my wife sing the song, but for various reasons this didn’t work out, which led me to contact Tim Condor, a very versatile singer from the North West of England, who has also been involved in various projects internationally. The result I think is a well crafted production with musically interesting arrangements. The single was produced, mixed and mastered by myself at Philipino Rec in San Juan, Argentina, as well as playing all the instruments myself.”

Ayspayadekay – “Motivation”

“Motivation is a satirical catharsis on leaning into one’s darker side and letting out years of suppressed anger, brimming with intrusive thoughts of destruction. Motivation is a hypothesis on what it would be like to fully utilise the power of the mind – swapping out medication for a positive attitude – and choosing ‘needs’ over ‘wants’, but it is unfortunately not that simple, alas we charge on.” Ayspaydekay

Eddie Cohn- Dystopian Days

After my last record, I wasn’t sure if or when the creative bug may strike again. I started to write a book, I became a yoga teacher and I started to DJ around LA. I was feeling a lot of satisfaction with these other creative outlets but then 2020 happened and we were all forced to stay inside and I found myself going to a pretty dark place emotionally”. Eddie Cohn

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