Anthony Rubery “Pressure”

: "I specifically wrote it about my fiancée who, at the time, had just graduated in Effects for Performing Arts, only to enter an industry that was on its knees due to COVID. The song is written as a pick-me-up, offering reassurance to believe in yourself and your journey. I think a lot of people would benefit from that right now.​​" Anthony Rubery

Mary Ellen- “Catch-22”

Mary Ellen's music has a playful tone that cleverly hides what the song is really about. In the case of "Catch-22", the thoughtfully constructed harmonic vocals that flow up and down as if they were a commercial jingle and the minimalistic instrumentation create a catchy melody. However, Mary Ellen has more tricks under her sleeve.

2AMature – DCxPC Live Volume 1 Presents: Call in Dead and 2AMature Live at the Danger Room in Orlando, FL

“I continue to write songs for our band and it really is a pleasure to work with my friends as I do. There is nothing I am more proud of than the progress we made and will make as a band and as homies. Our plan is to simply get more advanced with our instruments and enjoy the process as we go,” one of the band members from 2AMature says.

Heddy Edwards “Cherry Picker”

"I was struggling with undiagnosed mental health issues when I wrote this song, which I view as a letter to my happier self, the “cherry picker,” whom I felt abandoned me while I was at my lowest. I wanted desperately to get my sunny disposition back. I’ve since started therapy and have realized that happiness and sadness are not mutually exclusive—I am both a happy and sad person, and feeling both emotions so deeply has led me to become the person and artist I am." Heddy Edwards

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