Guilherme “Persephone and The Ghost Brother”

An eye-opening listen designed to let you experience the world seen through the eyes of a person fighting with mental issues. The album won't be available on streaming services. Instead, you're free to check it out on his Bandcamp. There will also be a limited run of vinyl of this album with a total of 200 copies. That will be released in May this year and is currently available for preorder.

Mahto & The Loose Balloons “The Buzzard”

I was really into the idea of doing every step in the process. Writing the song, performing the parts, recording, mixing, mastering, and release it. It’s also my first project to be pressed to vinyl. Which just arrived in the mail the other day. Of course the cherry on top is the cover that was painted by my friend, Tom Root. He is and amazing painter who truly understands anatomy and light better than anyone I’ve ever met." Mahto

Year Of The Fist – “50ft Queenie”

Year Of The Fist comes straight at us with a brutal, overdriven cover of the goddess', PJ Harvey, prodigal 1993 track. Overdriven and with a cero-fuck-given attitude just like its predecessor, this new track recorded live marks their last single off their 7" release from DCxPC Live. If you don't know about Year Of The... Continue Reading →

2AMature – DCxPC Live Volume 1 Presents: Call in Dead and 2AMature Live at the Danger Room in Orlando, FL

“I continue to write songs for our band and it really is a pleasure to work with my friends as I do. There is nothing I am more proud of than the progress we made and will make as a band and as homies. Our plan is to simply get more advanced with our instruments and enjoy the process as we go,” one of the band members from 2AMature says.

CALL IN DEAD – “DCxPC Live Presents Call In Dead”

"The physical album has nearly sold out, and the singles have garnered great press and a lot of Spotify plays. All four singles (Fuck You Yankee Blue Jeans, Summer Camp, Fight of the Bumblebee, and Pepto Bismol) will be released as a combined EP/Album on Spotify on 1/14. Now listeners can experience the full album seamlessly instead of just as singles." - CID


A fierce punk track that blasts quick and to the point. Raging Puck Rock is what they call it, and we love it. "Zamboni Driving Maniac" is what you needed but didn't know it. Listen right now to this hockey themed song by Two Man Advantage. Good morning, evening, night, everyone! I'll go straight to... Continue Reading →

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