Slow Pass – “White Knuckles”

“Adam and I started Slow Pass to explore producing together. So after we released our first single “Parking Lots” in June (which was recorded in 2020), we decided we wanted to release something brand new without such a long wait between recording and releasing. So we recorded everything for White Knuckles except the drums at my (Ben) house and it really opened up the door to new production techniques.” – Slow Pass

The Figurants – “Lint-Trap Ghost”

“While the song does have a narrative and plot, it’s also largely about my feelings of failure
as a father that I think every dad goes through at some point. There are just instances where you let down your children (even in minor or dumb ways) so this song was a way of working through these intermittent feelings I often experience. Sometimes everyone does stuff that’s so dumb or thoughtless, it’s shocking, me included.” – The Figurants

WOL “Friend That Never Was”

“The track was written very quickly after a fleeting encounter with a person who somehow felt strongly like a kindred spirit from another life. We never met again – and never will – but it made me think of all the people out there that might have been friends or lovers, or just of a like-mind, but who you’ll never encounter. Ships that pass in the night and all that stuff.” WOL

Jenny Hallahan- this Life

This Life is an exploration of jazz and life itself. Jenny Hallahan proposes strong ideas and explores them throughout. With harmonic and rhythmic complexity and instrument interactions that resemble those of human relationships This Life is a very strong debut for the Irish composer that is sure to be enjoyed by jazz enthusiasts and the general public alike.

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