Debut Bands (Off The Radar)

Tyler Elden & the Night Figures – “Bruised Love”

“Bruised Love is a tale of love and loss through the eyes of two people who have been surrounded by drug abuse since childhood. The song explores chasing comfort & relief by any means necessary, and the fallout of being in a state of constant desperation.” – Tyler Elden

JUNK – “Chromatose”

“The band JUNK plays its own original music made first to satisfy the musicians that make it. We blend styles to make us feel good when we listen to it.” Dirty D / JUNK

Sam Lynch – “Halcyon Beach”

“It’s about an imaginary place in my mind. I was really stuck in the past when I was writing it, thinking of times when I was happier and younger, just messing around with my mates, without responsibilities or stress and anything like that. It’s somewhere you can see, and you feel yourself being pulled towards,…

Garland Kelley – “A Mind Of Your Own”

“Thank you all so much for listening! I hope you enjoyed “A Mind of Your Own” which is about disinformation and freethought. I feel that seeking one’s true self and identity is more important than ever and will lend to elevating humankind. Stream on Spotify and watch the official music video on YouTube. Thanks again,…

Alex Zethson “Room with a View”

“I wrote ‘Room with a view’ back in 2010 or possibly 2011. I played guitar and the song had lyrics and I used to sing it with three friends of mine in some sort of canon. Never recorded it though, until summer 2020, when I tried it out in an instrumental version in my studio.

Indoor Friends – “Is It All Melting?”

Kat Delitto (Lead guitar), Krista Marie Setera (ukulele, vocals), Ben Bonadies (Bass) and Matt Wilson (Drums) came together musically to create songs that are both technically challenging and full of emotion. Lyrics are deeply personal, spanning from romantic disasters to emotional struggles and an inside rage that seems to only dissipate thanks to the high-gained…

N4November – A World of So Much Hate (EP)

In his debut EP, N4November invites us all to feel the world with him. The good, the bad, the very unlikely and the somewhat possible. “I don’t know how to live in this world of so much hate”, he sings in the title track. None of us do, Alex. But we keep trying, and songs…

The Wren “please don’t joke about dying”

“I wrote this song back in the spring after a conversation with a friend of mine. I realized that this person didn’t know how loved they were, and I didn’t quite have the words at the moment to convey that. I went home and wrote this song the next morning. I kept it pretty simple-…

Catherine Elms- I Have Seen It, I Do Not Fear It

I Have Seen It, I Do Not Fear It starts of as a powerful heavy rock album and transforms into something completely different, as we follow Catherine Elms’ emotional journey. She masterfully constructs a cinematic way to guide us through it in an original musical and lyrical sense. We experience anger, sadness, happiness and hope…

The Dust Collectors – “Take A Dive”

The idea for “Take A Dive” was born through sea shanties of the 1920’s and their narrative approach to music and various stories of Irish immigrants that had to work for the mob to make a living.

Meet Jaxyn Lethe

“The day I wrote the song, I was going through a tough breakup, was taking a break from school, and my best friend and I had just gotten into an argument. I felt like all outlets of social connection that I had were gone, and I truly didn’t know what to do.” Jaxyn Lethe

The Mysterious Mr. Mavilio

“All I can say is that I hope this resonates with you somehow, the tone is frequently dark, the music is a result of my mental state, my well-being, or un-well-being. It depends on how you read into it.” Oliver Mavilio

Daire Barefoot – “Endeavour”

“As the first thunderclap sounds, we set off marching upon a winding trail to a place where fear and conflict fall at our feet. Once our metaphorical task is complete, the song undergoes a transformation back to its original motif as we find our way trudging back to whence, we came.” Daire Barefoot

Clinically Sane – “Eternal Recurrence”

“This particular song is about derealization: a mental state where you feel detached from reality. This song was my way to cope with my personal episode of derealization and how I dealt with it. It’s about questioning your own sanity and keeping it all to yourself because of the fear of not being understood. It’s…

Rebel Camp “Dance Dance Dance”

“The composer/Songwriter of this song was left at the altar on his wedding day. Standing in front of a mirror and dancing became a respite from the depression he suffered as a result, and it would become the inspiration for the track now titled Dance Dance Dance.” Rebel Camp


The EP begins with “Major Jones”, a beautiful opener that tells the tale of Major Jones, a scientist, composer and designer, sailing in outer space, looking for the one he created and sent out into the cosmos all those years ago… Major Tom.

The Incredible Ari Raine

I’ve listened to a lot of stuff across the spectrum of several genres and skill levels. Ari Raine’s songwriting, production, and vocal delivery is nothing short of incredibly impressive.

Language Games- Vignettes for a Sad Life

These songs represent moments in my life. The key word being “MY” life. So, use these as a sort of choose your adventure or starting point for things that occur for your stories. I will outline the different themes and characters and anything else I felt while making these songs. But like I said these…

Fifi C “Baby Me”

“I wrote Baby Me to give our younger selves the voices we didn’t have. We’ve all become wrapped up in societal pressures, overly self-critical and overwhelmed with life. It’s so easy to take it out on ourselves. But remember how innocent and pure we once were. Would you treat the baby you the same way…

Laredo’s Bag – “Last Night”

“hmm…. I’m too old to play games with all of this, so I’ll begin by saying that as a seventy-year-old I’m enjoying challenging myself in countless respects by ATTEMPTING to write and produce (solo and with the most basic of “desk” studios) quality songs — despite my severely limited musical/technical proficiencies”. Laredo’s Bag

Only Bodies – “Only Bodies” EP

“Hey there! Thanks for checking out Only Bodies. We hope you’ll go on a journey with our self-titled EP as it explores the difficulties that come with the emotional growing pains inherent to love. Our music aims to balance sincerity and honesty with thoughtfulness and tact. Also, to make you wiggle your booty.” – Only…

Kit Citrine “Midnight Masquerade”

Kit Citrine’s new album “Midnight Masquerade” is an autobiographical release looking into the artist’s life events from the past 2 years. Home to 15 songs and running for 45 minutes, the album covers a variety of highly relevant themes.

Junkyard Romantics – “Mona Lisa”

“The feelings of insecurity and anxiety are explored in the verses, while the chorus celebrates the joyous truth that real beauty is found in knowing the one you love better than anybody else does.” Junkyard Romantis

Blue Lush – “Save Me”

“I wrote this track when I was healing from a breakup. When you’re young and in love, it’s easy to fantasize and idealize a relationship. You think you’re gonna be with that person forever and that they’re gonna “save you.” In reality, you make your own rules. Nobody is in charge of your life like…

Triple M- “What If You Fly”

“What If You Fly” creates a sonic space that transforms and grows more and more elaborate with each passing moments of the track. Starting in a minimalistic, and yet extremely atmospheric scene, the guitars establish a sweet melodic leitmotiv that repeats throughout the track, which creates a sense of nostalgia, like a lingering memory where…

Chris Mason – “Justify”

“First time listeners can expect great melodies. It’s what my songs and lyrics are initially born from. It may be a slower song, it may be a higher energy track with a faster tempo, but melody will always be at the heart of them all.” – Chris Mason

Galactic Fuzz “Transparent”

“The name of the band comes from my fascination with science fiction works by the likes of Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, and Frederik Pohl, and some of our sounds and lyrics influenced by that, even if not apparent at the surface”. Javier Guell / Galactic Fuzz

Lonnieclaire – “Flock o’ Fakes”

“Flock o’ Fakes” is an original fusion of grunge and rock but also power pop. A slightly disharmonic, vastly original tune that brings together lofi textures with a familiar sound.

The Starkillers “Are You Thinking of Me”

“When we started writing the album, we saw a pattern begin to form with our songs, and decided to go with it. The album goes through the cycle of a toxic relationship, and all of the stages you’d find yourself going through. We almost didn’t include the single Are You Thinking of Me on the…

Los Sindes- “Playa C”

The theme suddenly sprung to our minds about melancholic story but continuing with life alongside friends and love ones. And we added a dancey touch so you can dance while listening to it. And so we are very happy with the final product. -Manu Rivera from Los Sindes

Indoor Friends – “Finally Enough”

“Finally Enough” to me is like a letter wrote to someone you once admired, but he/she just didn’t care or show interest. This of course can make anybody mad, even angry. In this case, Indoor Friends channeled all that frustration and anger and turned it into a “fuck you, luck at me now” song. Guess…


“I wrote this song for my graduation in high school. I suddenly realized that our chill hangouts with our group of friends weren’t gonna be a weekly thing anymore, we were about to move around the world for our studies, we were growing up. So this song is about all the good memories we made,…

Hush Bewlay – I’m A Stranger Here Myself

“The name is part homage to David Bowie’s ‘Bewlay Brothers,’ which I often sang as half of an acoustic duo in high school; and part telling myself to ‘hush,’ be quiet, stop saying you’re gonna do it someday and just do it. Releasing something, for me, has been a long time coming.” Hush Bewlay

AA-Legrand “Pacific EP”

AA-Legrand. This name carries two meanings: the letter A marks the beginnings with its placement as the first letter in the Latin Alphabet, and Legrand is the Big Unknown into which we all move in forward. The alias bridges indie folk sounds with soft downtempo electronic influences, forming music where the likes of Bon Iver…


“When I was writing this song, I had in my mind the image of someone setting off from home, with just what they could carry on their back, leaving their loved one behind. A sadness in parting, but a necessity to follow a calling. Like a pilgrimage. There is uncertainty about the future. Of course…

Dark Soul Safari – “Running With Scissors” EP

As Adriaan puts it, Dark Soul Safari explores themes of individuals – and humanity itself – on the edge of breakdown. From failed politicians, to global warming, the themes in this EP are an expression of catastrophe somehow neutralized by the soothing musical elements of the tracks. Brilliant!


“Expect to be taken on a sonic journey with “El Peyote” Experience the rush from high energy tracks like “Foot to the Floor” burning down the desert highway then unwind with mellow psychedelic jams like “Celestial Illusions” a song inspired by watching the sun set over the scrublands in Oaxaca.” El Peyote

Vomit Baby – “Eleven”

“Eleven” is about proving people wrong who tell you that you can’t do something and aims to stand up for the creatives that culture and society rely on with a message to keep on running, searching, seeking – the best is yet to come.” – Vomit Baby

The Pontiacs “Ghost Town”

“Most of the music was written first by our bass player and then presented to the band which then a complete collaboration started and the song started to take more shape and a life of its own and each member was able to put their prints on it.” The Pontiacs

Allee & Pom Poms – “Boots” ft Liv Slingerland

“I started writing this song in the summer of 2021 as things were re-opening and also still burning down. I was in a mood to SHOP and I hit up my friend, PomPoms and was like “I think this track has a you vibe, what do you think???” – Allee

Flemish in the North “Snow Crocs”

“Snow Crocs,” is a catchy indie rock tune, whose name was inspired by an idea that Everett jokingly came up with while he and Chris were hiking in the trails of Calais, Vermont. Everett pondered about there being some offshoot breed of crocodiles that lived and survived in the snowy trails of the Northeast; it’d…

Cynthia Angelica “Grace”

“An unknown fact about ‘Grace’ is that it started as a breakup song, which is hard to believe when you listen to the final track. Early in the creative process, I was inspired to rewrite the lyrics, and the song in its current form was born – almost as if it were waiting to find…

Nicholas Langdon – “Show Me What You Live For”

“It was written in the aftermath of a really difficult period of my life, where I’d lost a lot of faith in the world around me and I’d either lost or felt I was losing a lot of the close relationships in my life.” Nicholas Langdon


The have been called the freakbeat beatniks of the 4th dimension, aka Cornwall. These unhinged beasts have a very visceral sound, and an eager approach towards anarcho-prog-punk, so you can expect things to get a bit loud.

JYLHÄ- “Queen Bee”

JYLHÄ means wild in the context of nature. It is the artistic name of 15 year old talent Liina-Maija Jylhä, based on Petäjävesi, Finland. Her music are pop tracks with elements of folk inspired by the likes of Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers and Joni Mitchell.


Using a DIY approach to his craft, Shredder makes use of vintage sounds such like synths, 808 drumbeats, and an 80’s sound that’s both fresh and surrounding. Keeping it minimal, he uses just a few instruments and a single laptop. His goal is to translate his musical adventures and to show that you don’t need…

Maria Weissman “Kill a Ghost”

The song, “Kill a Ghost” is one of the most energetic and motivational songs I’ve heard coming from such a hard place. Instead of being in the grips of all terror, the artist has flipped the script around and taken on an empowering route to defeat the ghosts from the past, and she’s doing it…

Abisso- Son Of Abyss

Son Of Abyss is a project with intimate elements and aspects. Among other things, we would like people to grasp the beauty and importance of remembering themselves, imbued with the entire emotional spectrum that they often carry like a bundle that doesn’t belong to them. However, since everyone’s perception and processing differs, everyone will interpret…

Martina “Cloud Nine”

“My main creative intention with this body of work is to relate, to resonate and to connect with people that went through the same feeling and emotion! I would like to be the soundtrack of my audiences life, that they can always count on my music if they’re going through a similar experience!” Martina

B of Briz – “What Would Buffy Do?”

‘What Would Buffy Do?’ is about how understanding the contours of someone else’s life, understanding their struggle to live a good life, can be really useful, even if that person is fictional! It’s particularly about how these ‘exemplars’ are important when the stories of people in your group- in this case women – are not…


“Purple Dress is about a mysterious dark woman, a kind of chameleon. She doesn’t care what people say or think. She waits for the right moment to set herself free and to become who she really is, whatever it costs. The rhythm of this track reminds one of a tango in order to underline the…

Robbie Rapids – “Who Shot Them Down”

“Who Shot Them Down” was inspired by the book ‘Arc Road’ by Tony Tiffin, which tells the story of the tragic events that occurred in Gwinnett County, Georgia on April 17 of 1964, when three officers were shot down with their own guns by three psychopaths.


“Music is story-telling, it can be an escape, it can inspire, and it can pull you out of a dark place. The best music comes from the heart and it connects. This is the community we want to build with our fans.” — Bleeding Sun

Parallel – Parallel (Original EP)

Parallel’s self-titled EP is quite an impressive debut release, and a compellingly engaging listen throughout; at the same time that the songs on the EP convey the wistful feelings of isolation that listeners will surely relate to, their powerfully dreamy atmospheres also bring about a relaxing sense of tranquility. Highly recommended. 

Toothbrush – “Kaleidoscope”

What makes this track unique is its originality and an almost obscene vibe of alcohol, cigarettes, and cynicism. With drunken steps, the track moves forward with a rock and roll vibe and a low end that makes the ground shake. Its attitude can be compared to a full pub at 3am where everybody is loosened…

Vanderwolf “When The Fire Grows Cold”/”Extinction!”

“I had produced a tribute to Wyatt in NYC many years ago. Fred Frith, Peter Blegvad, Hugh Hopper and many others appeared. Robert gave it his official nod of support. When I moved to London to produce my first Meltdown Festival, Robert seemed the obvious choice to curate it, and from that, a lovely friendship…

Catherine Elms “Frustrations”

“My songs are dark, fierce, introspective – written from my experiences as a queer woman, a feminist, a person with mental illness, and an introverted indie musician. I write about fighting to improve a world that wasn’t built for us, losing (and re-finding) yourself in toxic love, being a messy weirdo in an industry that…

Kaiyra “Overnight”

“The track talks about a breakup but I’ve narrated it like it was a happy story. Me and my ex decided to end things, together and at that time we both knew this was going to happen, from this the first line of the song: “it’s almost time to say our goodbyes”.” Kaiyra

Will Soma – “Days Are Long”

“It was written on one of those grey rainy days in winter last year where I was playing around with chords and came across one that I hadn’t come across before. That sound (the third chord in the verse progression) recalled a feeling of sorrow and distress, which reminded me of a relationship breakdown and…

Sea Driver – “Hook Or By Crook”

“The old lyrics were scrapped, new words and a tweaked melody took their place. Being in lockdown and the world being at a standstill it was impossible to avoid the news, the lyrics are basically just me letting off some steam about the terrible job and seemingly corrupt practices of our government regarding the PPE…

Roisin O’Hagan – “Sunset Valley”

“It’s set in a fictional place called Sunset Valley with fictional characters. The protagonist, who is otherwise content with life, hangs onto the person they first loved in times gone by and hopes that they will find each other again one day. They wonder about where this person is now and hold on to the…

Silvia De Rosa “Our Goodbye”

“My music is to tell your stories, I sing your sadness, i hear your pain and i tell your stories. My music focus on letting go of bad memories and feelings so we can live a happier life. In a way, it’s sad but it’s a beautiful sadness.” Silvia De Rosa

Henry Lemoin “The Great Awaits”

“With The Great Awaits, what I want to achieve is to make the listener feel like they’re being transported to another universe, and as the title implies, it’s a journey towards something great, while also having an interesting and joyful trip along the way.” Henry Lemoin

Chet Bucke “Leaving (Marie)”

“‘Leaving (Marie)’ came to me one night a year ago, around the beginning Spring. I received a video of my grandmother singing for her friends back in Spain that inspired a deep sense of homesickness and longing for connection. I instinctively picked up my guitar and started fiddling along to her voice. I felt that…


Covid did a great deal of damage to everybody, today’s debuting artist, Pluto Bean was not the exception. After losing his business and house because of the pandemic, the artist was forced to live in his car with his dog, driving from state to state looking for carpentry jobs only to get by.

Aubrey “Stay Longer”

Synths provide ear-tickling textures as they change and expand throughout the song, building that imminence underlying the anxiety and fear of being left behind. A thought-provoking message that definitely sheds new light on relationships between people, and simply a gorgeous debut for a lovely new artist!


“This is, again, a tragic love song from another perspective — more of a tragic love story,” the artist begins with. Stating he’s taken heavy inspiration from a Star Is Born, the 1937 film presenting the doomed love between a famous man and a woman with deep aspirations to a similar future, VOCAL LONER decided…

DULCIE “Medicate Me”

“I wrote medicate me when I was 16 after having some really hard years with my mental health. I am diagnosed with borderline personality disorder which is a mental illness I will have to deal with my whole life so I’ve been on and off various medications since the age of 14. This song talks…

Long Term Parking – Luxury Luxury

“Our music may sound complicated at first listen, but I think that underneath the skin it is not complicated, quite the opposite, I find it actually simple. It just flows. Kolbi / Long Term Parking

RONIA “ghost”

A young woman with the desire to express her darkest thoughts and emotions on her journey to find who she truly is, RONIA is a newly debuted artist with a love for grand and dark productions and vehement yet vulnerable lyricism. 

Moonlight Thief – “4 a.m.”

“By now we’ve finished a few more songs, mostly acoustic with spare electric parts, and aim for a full album in summer. The mood of almost every piece will be sad and pensive with only a few uptempo parts. Aside from that, we look forward to some already concerted gigs in spring and summer.” -…

Luchi “Alien Girl”

“Alien Girl is a collection of songs I wrote in the three years I have been living in London. Initially written on the piano in my room, they were then arranged with a group of exceptional musicians which helped me create the sonic atmosphere you can hear in the record now. It’s a story about…

Sano Hill – “The Climb”

“The Climb” is a song inspired by this uncertainty and related anxieties but celebrating the possibility that we can overcome, that we can climb that hill (whatever it may be) and come together to celebrate our shared humanity.” – Sano Hill

VHCLE “Dark Matter”

“Dark Matter was one of the first songs we recorded together,” The collective said when asked about what the track meant. “There’s a lot of different meanings throughout the track. Mysterious yet bold in its own way. Each of us put our own twist on the lyrics and just flowed into it.”


“Everything really came together over quarantine. I never thought I’d ever make music of my own, but being in a place where I had nowhere to go and nothing to do, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to give it a shot. Using the friends I had around me and a lot of YouTube,…

Nobody’s Wolf Child “The Fall”

As with every great beginning, the story of Nobody’s Wolf Child begins in layers of mystery and the story’s main character falling down deeper through the clouded space. It’s a slow descension, paced almost like the course of an emotional crash, and hearing the cinematic moodiness of “The Fall”, it could very well be one.…

Carpe Diem “Your Face, Your Fate”

“When people pay more attention to their appearance, there is a tendency to having higher incidences of eating disorders, increased symptoms of depression, and more desire to have plastic surgery. “Does your face predict your face?” Is this true?” Carpe Diem

Clara Hannigan “Sonder”

She just recently moved to New York and found something super beautiful and freeing about being anonymous here in such a crowded city. It’s about being able to find yourself, and the realization that everyone else is too busy living out their own story and you can just get lost in the crowd and be…

Ally Cribb- “Bigger”

I remember the day when I first got the idea for Bigger. I was about to turn sixteen. It was late May and I was sitting at the piano, like any other day, playing around with notes and chords when I spontaneously played the intro of Bigger for the first time.

The Lowtones “Breaking Out”

“This track is essentially about feeling trapped and suffocated by a situation that you don’t want to be a part of. It’s intended to carry an uplifting message of escaping and overcoming something, which is rare in comparison to what we usually go for. ” Mav The Lowertones

Fritillaries “Working Late”

Working Late a brooding and emotional song full of strings and an undying flame that won’t go out even in the windiest days. It’s a flame of anger that came to be from Hannah’s employment as a social worker.

Beatdenker “Too Tall To Dance”

“The main focus always was music from South India, their unbelievable knowledge and abilities about complex rhythms and improvisational skills, then the crazy super complex rhythms in the New Complexity stream within the so called New Music, a quite intellectual dealing with rhythm, stuff you can hardly imagine and in the end the improvisational aspects…

MCMGM “On The Floor”

“The 2020 Pandemic hit. I had time on my hands, and a desire to dance, so I began to write funky music. But gathering a horn section together to spread the virus was not a great idea. So I turned to the computer, and started churning out my danceable grooves via electronics. This was major…


“Music that attempts to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes, and reflecting in such experiences. Sub:Om

sautereau- “Conversation Hearts”

“I think it definitely stems from being a bit of at a loss for what to do with yourself as days slipped by and both feeling nothing and so many things at once. The contrast between life being pretty bland but wanting to feel and live what we were supposed to feel and do. It’s…

Elly Kace “Nothing I See Means Anything”

This new album by Elly Kace carries the 3 singles plus 8 new songs, making a total of 11. The title “Nothing I See Means Anything” repeats itself in the song titles along with “Bless Them All” – these phrases became the North Star for writing the album.

Blueprint Tokyo – A Whole New Life

A Whole New Life spans the globe, having been written in Oklahoma City in the United States and Alberta, Canada, mixed in Italy and mastered in the UK. With some 80s influence, the EP conjures a feeling of hopefulness in a time of need.

Callipolis- “Kerosene”

This song emerged from a poem my friend sent me before moving back to NYC. I found it incredibly touching and couldn’t help noticing similarities with toxic relationships we both had. As I re-arranged some of the lines and played around with words and rhymes to fit in a song, the whole thing took a…

Unfollow Me – “Disappear”

We have tons of processes when it comes to making our music and “Disappear” is the result of two friends who’ve been making music for over a decade. We know each other so well musically and we always push each other to have fun with our sound. We are also each other’s biggest fans so…

CRISPR Kid “Blitzkrieg”

“The track is first of 3 singles from our new LP ‘Down with the Kid’ due out in March 2022. Recorded under lockdown in Ireland at Darklands Studios with Dan Doherty (engineer of Fontanes DC earlier records). The track is about renewal – that we all suspect we might have more in the tank to…

The Ministry of Plausible Rumours – Summer Again

“The album is about wanting to be out in the world and connecting with other people. Maybe one of our songs will make you think about someone you haven’t seen in a while. If it does, reach out and say hello. And tell them we said hello, too!” TMOPR

Nordic Hamster – Nordic Hamster EP

“Nordic Hamster is a duo (Cody Nordine & Cody Hamilton). I met Cody (Nordine) years ago when he was the bass player for Alphæus. I remember finding out he was actually a guitarist primarily and I wanted to hear more from him. I was blown away by the music he began to share with me.…

My Friend The Chimpanzee “Time Traveller”

“We did Time Traveller as the first single, because it features all instruments that we use with My Friend The Chimpanzee. It has guitar as well as electric bass, synth bass, synth pads, synth leads, vocoder (if you listen closely) and a string machine (again barely audible). Time Traveller therefore is something of an experiment,…

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