Female Rising Stars

Frances Hope “Stay”

“I needed to voice the reason we decide to stay in those situations,” Frances began, “so others healing from the same type of heartbreak can take solace in the fact that they are not alone. Stay is a letter to those needing to forgive themselves for what they experienced, and recognizing healing is non-linear and nothing can be gained from a relationship that makes you suffer.”

Mia Mormino “Alternate Reality”

“This song is about my tendency to disassociate when my life here on earth gets to be too much,” Mia opens up with, confirming the message the song is carrying. “Instead of handling my problems, I create alternate realities to temporarily escape to. I’ve now learned that this way of coping isn’t the healthiest but it sure is fun. Mia Mormino

Jesse Brady “Conflicted”

Inspired by the phrase “It seems like you’ve got a feeling and a knowledge and they’re kind of criss-crossing”, which was told to Jesse by one of biggest influences, her grandmother, and written in a couple of weeks, this song resonates with the part of us that hates making decisions and the part of us that feels gratitude towards those loved ones who can always help us clear our head. 

Shayanne “All You Are”

In All You Are, the artist writes from the perspective of the villain. With the rising popularity of bad guys in media in recent years, it is no longer a surprise to meet someone who’s favorite character is the protagonist’s enemy. However, what is endlessly enchanting about the way Shayanne brings Sylvar to life in the form of a song is how she humanizes him. 

Sunday Hunter “Illogical Sphere”

The desire to wake up present in the lyrics can easily be washed away by Sunday’s signature guitar riffs and sweeping and lulling synths. In an unexpected turn of events, the song itself becomes a sphere; while discussing how trapped one can feel in this world, Illogical Sphere ironically created a small bubble that allows people to take a break from the suffocating everyday routine. 

HVIRESS “Golden Apple”

Oozing Machiavellian intentions, Golden Apple lures its victim with sugar-coated lyrics and innocent appearance while it prepares them for unexpected a heavy dose of mischievous dark magic. Their siren song, and their beautiful vocals, can distract from the psychedelic and eerie sounds complementing the instrumental, but for those who’ve managed to see past the charm of their voices, the delicacy they sing with only adds a level of alarm.  

Jazzy “hands to yourself”

“I wrote this song because I was desperate for an outlet to unpack this emotionally overwhelming experience with someone that took almost two years for me to heal from. The initial inspiration behind this song were the questions that I  was left with. It was one of those episodes that ended abruptly without proper closure (well, for me at least). Jazzy

Hannyta “Make It To The Night”

Make It To The Night feels like a song one would find in the Top 100 Charts on a streaming platform; the song contains every element that can drawn in lovers of pop and more laid back dance songs, with its pulsing synths never feeling overwhelming or excessive, especially when they’re paired up with Hannyta’s soothing voice, which grounds the track with her vocal texture and the sweetening lyrics. 

Fae “Bad Trip”

In the era of rising horror chick flicks and the horror of the female mind and body being celebrated, Bad Trip is a more mature version of Eilish’s Bad Guy or the darker auditory self of Clairo’s Amoeba, Fae’s new single rises from a previously unseen tomb to bring to the surface a hell never seen before.

Callaghan Belle “strings”

As Callaghan Bell‘s heart finds itself hurting by the pressure of unfading ‘strings’ of fate, she goes through the five phases of grief, accepting the end to a romance that never had a true start. Young self-described musical creature Callaghan Belle is an active recording artist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and actor. From the young age… Continue Reading →

Victoria Taylor “Pull Up”

“My Producer Matty Carlock and I were brainstorming over quarantine and felt this relevant desperation, much like everyone else, for human connection. There, going with that theme I channelled my inner Italian Sophia Loren Goddess and wrote a song about recognizing your worth and being bold enough to go for it.”

Maie “Like You”

Focused on the duality she battles against every day Like You places at its very core the identity of the self. Touching upon alienation, similarities, and the knowledge that you’re so close yet so far away from belonging somewhere, the song is Maie’s exploration of her relationship with the physical reality. 

Justina Shandler “Stamina”

“Stamina was written about my endurance when it comes to chasing boys. I used to love the chase. Now that it’s been over a year since I wrote it, the meaning has shifted for me. Now – it’s about my resilience and relentless pursuit of truth and following the path that lights me up the most.

LÖNA “I Never Wanna See You Again”

“After we discovered Radiohead at about about 15, a lot changed. We both really felt like this music was something more than the pop music on the radio. It had something cold, something dark and unsolved. Discovering Radiohead was kinda the start of our own sound. We experimented a little for a while and eventually came to LÖNA. Which has a Scandinavian, and therefore cold and dark, sound to it (…)”

Saphira “1000 Color Sky”

1000 Color Sky is undoubtedly showered in beauty and creativity; from its premise to its execution, the track is unique and ethereal. Able to provide visuals simply through the pulsing synths and reverberating bass lines, the inclusion of the artist’s alluring voice and detailed lyrics add onto the scenario the listener is building inside their minds. 

Belle Ford “Selfless”

“I’ve been working on this track for 6 months and performed it live multiple times and it’s turned into my favorite to perform. It’s actually the first track of mine that feels so personal, probably due to the meaning but also just the hours I spent making it. I love being so brutally honest that I can use my songs as therapy and that’s what this was to me.” 

Carley Varley “Miss Me?”

“[The song] was written a few years ago now; I wrote it about a friend who had moved on with their life, and after we used to be together everyday, it felt like they almost didn’t really care that I was quite absent from their life anymore. The song could easily be about a break-up and many think it is! But it is actually about a friendship growing distant.” Carley Varley

Nikki Era “Something Beautiful”

“It felt like everything was going wrong,” she says. “So I went into the studio and sat down and looked through the notes on my phone with my producer and I found a note called “something beautiful”. It wasn’t very long, just a few lines, “I can see rockets in you, boom.” And I think it was really a message to myself. I had hardly remembered recording it. And it was labeled as “something beautiful” and I think I called it that because I didn’t know what else to call these random lines of self-support.” Nikki Era

Grace O’Shea “Consumed”

“crushing hard on someone I, in retrospect, didn’t even know all that well. But at the time it felt like everything and I literally felt as if it was consuming my entire life. That idea of being consumed by someone struck a chord with me, and the song basically wrote itself from there. I was playing around with barre chord shapes on my bedroom floor, and suddenly the song started to take shape; I wrote it in about 30 minutes.” Grace O’Shea

Maijah “Autumn Vibes”

Autumn Vibes is the fall anthem you’ve always needed, even if you weren’t aware of it before it came into existence. The song blends heavy autumn imagery and ambiental natural sounds with a certain devilish apathy, making an insanely charming piece of art you won’t be able to stop listening to no matter what season it is. 

Leanna Oki “Warning Signs”

As a powerful disco-pop release, the song evokes a desire to let out all the energy that music transmitted to them within the listener: this up-tempo tune is perfect for dancing or to be used in gym routines, with Leanna’s angst, her passionate vocals, and the heavy synths working as a sort of power buff that can only be found in music born from the soul. 

Hannah Grace “Foxgloves”

 “Since I was a little girl, I have frequently heard people saying things like ‘Cheer up, it might never happen’ and the like as I was walking down the street or something. It’s a common thing to hear in your hometown or whatever. Now, sometimes this comment can be a nice little reminder that yeah, the world isn’t that bad and we should all be more positive and grateful for what we have in life. I’m all for that. But, sometimes, life might be taking a good few swings and you might not be in quite the normal cheery mood for a bit.” Hannah

Neave Marr “Lie To Me”

Neave has spoken on how being an artist is her biggest dream and goal, stating that “there is nothing else I can see myself doing in life, [so] I’m going to work as hard as I need for this dream to become a reality”. Now in the process of achieving what she’s set out to do, the up and coming star is determined to keep going at her current pace and giving better quality with every new release, making her an artist worth keeping an eye on.  Neave Marr

The Meskimo X Howe- “…The Stars Would Explode”

With “…The Stars Would Explode” The Meskimo and Howe synergize in a way rarely seen before. Each of them offers their own talent to the table, which combine so, so well: The Meskimo’s music and Howe’s lyrics and vocals seem to be made to be with each other that it is difficult to imagine that one existed well before the other.

Shyli Madhala “Pink For My Money”

“For me, it’s a revolution in every way. I’ve been hiding my dream and hiding my voice for so long, letting trauma and illness run my life story, this song is the end of that and a beginning of an era of beautiful music and powerful messages that need to be heard. Pink for My Money is about my pain and confusion around growing up as women at this point in time.” Shyli Madhala

Kate Brunotts “GEMINI”

New York based producer Kate Brunotts is a creative who doesn’t follow labels or trends: she creates them. With her innovative producing skills shining through as she keeps defining her own brand of indietronic pop music, Brunotts is using the power of her music to its full potential to create a new world inspired by her imagination and emotions.

Anne Bennett “Highway Boys”

The Salem born and based artist, Anne Bennett, is back for the third time this year. Inspired by the history of the city she was raised in, Bennett’s music represents the haunting and enchanting experiences and memories she has, resulting in an alternative and melancholic sound that carries within it themes of sorrow, love, death, and life.

Abby London “Bushes”

“I was in an on again and off again relationship with a guy named Matt. I don’t know how many times we broke up and got back together. I was so scared to show who I was and reveal my secrets to someone I knew. I was scared to imagine my life without him. I would stay home some weekends in a terrible mental loop obsessing over things that had happened. I couldn’t forgive him and I couldn’t move on. I didn’t fit into his lifestyle and I wasn’t doing much with my music. Abby London

Mya Luv “Elevation of Luv”

“I have produced this EP in collaboration with my friend, who is also a musician and artist. We both used our complementary skills in order to produce both of our EPs. (…) By the end of 2020, I had already written many songs. I usually compose them on the guitar. And I was determined to release my first project, so I was actively looking for a producer to help me do that.” Mya Luv

Nina Blu “Pomegranate”

As a fruit of temptation, the pomegranate stands against most of the social norms and all of the religious and righteous paths (that is, in the case of religions based on rejecting impure desires). As such, Pomegranate is a fitting name for an exploration of the risk and reward dilemma born from the struggle of conforming yourself to people’s expectations of allowing yourself to act according to your real self. 

Hannah Lamb “I need u”

“I need u was born from a situation I found myself in with a friend. I think we hear a lot of songs about troubles in romantic relationships and perhaps not so many about the things we go through with our friends. I really wanted to express that I knew I had made mistakes but that I still hoped we wouldn’t lose each other. Friendships can be really intense experiences and I wanted to capture that with I need u.” Hannah Lamb

Cindy-Louise “Rise Up”

“Embodying the concept of a song is something not everyone can achieve, even when they’re the ones who wrote the song. Fortunately, that is not the case in this situation. Cindy-Louise wears the lyrics and meaning of this song like a second skin, and the strength behind her belief is felt from the moment her voice reaches the listener’s ears.”

Marisol la Brava & a Flor de Piel “Quinceañera”

Marisol la Brava & a Flor de Piel use their love for music to find a grand way to celebrate a ‘Quincerañera’ while following safety measures during a global pandemic. Founded in 2007 by front woman, as well as Grammy and Latin Grammy multi-nominee, Marisol “La Brava” Cerón, Marisol la Brava & a Flor de… Continue Reading →

Aykiyah ft. Jhune LA “runaway”

“Runaway is my favorite song I’ve written,” she mentions. “It’s really tested who I am artistically and personally while I bleed on the page and show my vulnerable side. I wrote this song in 25 minutes and it makes me so proud to listen back. I know the dedication to this record shows through, and I’m excited to see how the public receives it.”

KatyRuth “3 Years”

“I wrote this song when I was dwelling on my past mistakes,” KatyRuth begins. “So I started to scroll through instagram to distract myself, that’s when I saw a meme that read, “Remember that guy you never that you get over.” And that’s when I instantly thought of the person who broke my heart into a million little pieces. That’s when I remembered the person that had me so depressed, I had to go to therapy. And for the first time in a long time, I smiled because I honestly hadn’t thought of that person in forever. Three years to be exact and I was like “I must write a song about this!”.” KatyRuth

J0VANNA “TwentyOne”

“I wrote TwentyOne on my 21st birthday. It is an anthem against growing up. I am just not ready! Aging is something I think about all the time. I really don’t like birthdays and I don’t feel I am ready yet to be an “adult”. Probably the most challenging part of growing up is knowing that my parents, sisters, grandparents, and other loved ones are getting older too. This single expresses all of these emotions that I am experiencing. At the end of the song, you can hear me laugh, which is my way of saying everything is going to be okay.” Jovanna

Lucrezia “Reaping What You Sow”

“Reaping What You Sow was written based off of a friend’s story” the artist states. “She had been going through a rough breakup and she had continuous breakdowns. I couldn’t really find a way to help her because, [as] we all know, the only person that can help you going through a breakup is yourself, so I thought of writing a song as if I was in her situation, so that she could listen to it and find some comfort in it and feel understood. I even sampled one of her voice notes to me, which I included in the intro of the track!” Lucrezia

Mary Ellen “He Got A Gun”

“I added the lyrics to the bridge last after reading how idolized school shooters are in certain dark parts of the web. I couldn’t believe how many were given a twisted celebrity [status] after the pain they caused. I also couldn’t believe how lonely and insular their beliefs were.” Mary Ellen

Jayd “Down Day”

“This song was one of the first songs I wrote after having my first ‘burn out episode’, [and] the writing reflects how I feel in anxiety ridden moments. After having reached out for help with my anxiety I realised it’s super common and really wanted to write something to let other people know they’re not alone with what they are feeling. Because the feeling of being alone was what really scared me into panic attacks.” Courtney Jayd Lumsden aka Jayd

MOLTENO “Our house is on fire”

“Our house is on fire was initially inspired by the feeling that my home wasn’t my home anymore. I wanted to explore the way an experience can completely change the dynamic of a space. Like there’s been a house fire and everything is tainted. Written in a makeshift studio in the middle of nowhere, at the time of writing it was so quiet and eerie, with no planes in the sky – it made me contemplate another way that isn’t setting the planet alight!” MOLTENO

Marie Minet “Hanoi – Kel-P Remix”

Marie Minet and producer Kel-P join hands to create an Afro-pop infused version of her latest single, delivering the addictive ‘Hanoi – Kel-P Remix’ right on time for a passionate summer party.  An artist who gives herself to life and puts her heart and soul in each and every of the stories she interprets, Marie… Continue Reading →

Taylor B-W “I’m So broke”

“I’m So Broke was written during a depressive episode, when I was just thinking about where I stand in my own world and how I don’t want to settle for the second best in life. It was making me anxious that this is all life might crack up to be – always being broke financially and feeling mentally broken.“ Taylor B-W

Yui Stonewell “Not So Hard”

“First comes heartbreak, but this song sings to the empowerment after it’s all over and you’ve moved on. It lightheartedly spells out all the things that you wish you would’ve said to their face run through your mind when you think back to how you were treated. It’s definitely a “sing-into-your-hairbrush-in-your-bedroom” kinda song!” Yui Stonewell

Denquar “So This Is Love”

“I had gotten my heart completely torn a few days before writing this song. An ongoing intense and super heightened romance had come to a sudden end due to matters neither of us could resolve and I was left completely broken and empty. I find music to be the wavelength I trust in the most that I live out my daydreaming in it”. Denquar

Annie Elise “We Can Pretend”

“We initially wrote it to be about a false awakening, you know, when you wake up in your dream but you’re still asleep – but the song turned into so much more than that. It’s interesting to explore the concept of wishing you could get away from reality, especially during the past year. Annie Elise

Izzy Spring “Magic Involved”

After throwing herself into the world of lyricism and discovering her passion and talent for songwriting, Izzy began developing her skills in hopes of getting to the point where she’s able to convey a “deeper truth” and create shared experiences via her lyrics and a music style that she defines as “spicy”.

Cerae “Foolishly In Love”

Ceare swoons the object of her affection and listeners alike in ‘Foolishly In Love’, an RnB and funk infused track that reflects the feelings of a serious adolescent in love. A newly turned young adult, Cerae is an eighteen-year-old singer and songwriter with a voice that reflects longer experience and emotion than her own age…. Continue Reading →

Kat Kikta’s “Magic”

“The lyrics came to me while I was traveling home to the Tatra mountains of Slovakia to be with my father, who was very ill and did not have much time left. It was during that trip when I realized how precious our time is, and that all I really have is the present moment. I wrote the lyrics on the train, returning from Dad’s hospital visit…”

agne_b “Pasiklausyk”

Fulfilling her artistic view by writing a song entirely in her mother tongue, agne_b takes a faithful and hopeful step with the painfully heart-wrenching ‘Pasiklausyk’. After a previous release that discussed heartbreak, derealization, and the emotional changes Agné Bergelyté went through during her twenties, all beautifully encapsulated in ‘le† mE GO’ — which Less Than… Continue Reading →

Ettie “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”

ettie prepares her audience for her highly anticipated debut by releasing the brutally honest and angst-filled ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’, which presents the perspective of the known movie and TV stereotype.  An up and coming singer and songwriter, ettie is an English Literature mayor, an emotional young adult, known wine enthusiast, and a connoisseur of… Continue Reading →

Gina Royale “Here’s To You”

“Here’s To You is a song written out of exhaustion. A lot of times, my songwriting process begins in the car. I remember driving home from a long day of work crying, feeling so defeated from the mental battlefield that is OCD/anxiety. I started singing the words “I’m tired of convincing myself I’m not tired”, which is the lyric in the song that speaks to me the most. It wasn’t until I sat down at the studio with my producer, Rob Freeman of Hidden In Plain View, that we finished writing Here’s To You. It took us about 2 full days of writing, 3 AM texts of lyrics born from sudden late night bursts of inspiration, and a lot of reflection. We are so proud of this song and its message.” Gina Royale

Aykiyah “ain’t got time”, “replace u”

Breaking the rules of creativity to find true artistic freedom, the newly debuted Aykiyah surpasses the limits of her own inventiveness and adds an extra flare to her two groovy singles, ‘replace u’ and ‘ain’t got time’. Currently twenty years-old and living in Los Angeles, after moving there from Illinois, Chicago, Aykiyah is a singer-songwriter… Continue Reading →

Levy “Small Scale Revolutions”

After the release of two singles at the beginning of this year, Levy has released her full debut EP ‘Small Scale Revolutions’, featuring the previously released songs and pleasant emitting a unique ambience that was achieved by uniting all the different influences found in each song and behind each person working on them alongside Levy…. Continue Reading →

Chartelli “Fast Car”

“Before I decided to take music seriously, I had a friend who had always been telling me to get into music and believed I had the talent to make it somewhere with music. While hanging out at his house he was working on music and just playing type beats and he played this one beat that I loved. I immediately came up with the melody for the chorus and we recorded that at his little home studio. Initially I was only on the chorus and he did the verses but as I began to fall in love with making music I ended up really falling in love with that song and wrote some verses. A lot of times musicians often feel the need to have deep and meaningful lyrics in their songs which of course art is a powerful medium for such story telling but sometimes it’s okay to make fun music with whimsical lyrics. Fast car is just that a fun song to enjoy at its surface level and that does not in any way take away from the artistic expression.”

Lexi Lemonade “Flavors”

Lexi Lemonade‘s latest feel-good single, ‘Flavors’, tells the story of a mature, respectful tree of love who slowly but surely will open up for the right partner, and the signs one might need to know if they’ve charmed the many obstacles that make up the owner of the tree. With an artistic ame that works… Continue Reading →

Brenna Erickson “Call You Later”

Indie pop artist Brenna Erickson‘s brand new sad girl anthem, ‘Call You Later’, speaks out to anyone who’s torn between putting their distance from others and maintaining their friends close. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Brenna Erickson is a young indie-pop singer, songwriter, and producer who’s been pursuing music since she was eighteen-years-old. It was at… Continue Reading →

Ghoul Talk “Magician”

Self-titled goblin rock Ghoul Talk released a multifaceted 3-song single, ‘Magician’, where she develops as an artist as she finally materializes her dreams within these songs. The Seattle-based artist Ghoul Talk is a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist musician and performer named R.K King. Still going through her emo phase, King takes inspiration from horror film… Continue Reading →

Carley Varley “Dirty Laundry”

UK-based artist Carley Varley talks about toxic relationships and not tolerating anyone’s baggage in her new single, ‘Dirty Laundry’. Based in Dorset, United Kingdom, Carley Varley — her real name, indeed — is a solo artist musician who can play the ukulele, piano and guitar and loves nothing more than singing as she plays an… Continue Reading →

Kasha Lee “To Show You”

Self-produced artist Kasha Lee takes a pause from her darker storytelling and rhythms to dedicate a love letter to her partner, resulting in the resplendent affection that surrounds her single ‘To Show You’. After the release of her more somber single ‘I’ll Be Free’, which Less Than 1,000 Followers reviewed at the time, the artist… Continue Reading →

Aune “self-conscious”

In love with songwriting and storytelling, Aune presents a strong narrative that’s sure to tug at your heartstrings in her latest pop single, ‘self-conscious’. Aune, byname Inês de Brito Pereira, is a singer-songwriter from Portugal. Having written songs since age fourteen, Aune decided to move to London in September of 2018 and there, start her… Continue Reading →

Essosa “Dreamworld”

Young adult Essosa shows maturity and emotional depth in her debut EP, ‘Dreamworld’. Nineteen-year-old London-based Essosa is an old bedroom pop and alternative r’n’b singer, as well as a songwriter and dancer. The artist released her very first song at age seventeen; ‘The Retreat’ was a protest to call out and change the poor treatment… Continue Reading →

Xaviera “6”

Xaviera, an independent artist full of deep-rooted passion, executes a splendid debut with the R&B and fiery ‘6’, her first single. Raised in Reading, Pennsylvania, the hometown to pop sensations Keith Haring and Taylor Swift, Xaviera is a newly-debuted artist who’s following the same path towards her dream. With a friend of hers since age… Continue Reading →

Maki Flow “Everything I’m Not”

The enigmatic pop star Maki Flow makes a comeback with ‘Everything I’m Not’, a bittersweet pop track that contains a heartwarming message.  Maki Flow, a young and lively artist based in London, has been preparing for her forthcoming debut EP, ‘Can’t Act My Age’, since she moved from Italy to a new country in order… Continue Reading →

Esmae “Oughta Know”

Finally able to make her debut after life had taken her off the musical path for a long time, Esmae focuses on the positive aspect of the situation and arrives with the all powerful and impactful song about knowing better and being aware of your own worth, ‘Oughta Know’. Writing her first full song at… Continue Reading →

Elke Schon “Talk To Me”

Debuting at age sixteen with ‘Talk To Me’, a cinematic, slow-burn track, Elke Schon bursts onto the scene without holding back her talent.  Based in the Gold Coast, the young singer-songwriter has been taking singing lessons and building her musical foundation since childhood. Dreaming of being a professional singer and releasing her own music, Elke… Continue Reading →

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