Introducing to…

Ben Teeney – “Perfect Stranger – Gretzky’s Advice”

“I developed a crush on one of my best friends after a mushroom trip, decided to ask them out via writing a song but between the production of the song taking a long time and mine and their schedule not syncing up, my friend actually ended up getting into a relationship before I could share the song with them- which the aftermath is covered on the b-side, “Gretzky’s Advice”. Obviously that outcome sucked for me, but at the end of the day, I’m thrilled that they’re happy and found love.” – Ben Teeney

Suzitoy – “Lizzy”

“Lizzy” is the British trio latest track, available for streaming in June 3, and it carries all of that Punk attitude mixed with some elements of Rock. A heavy banger that perfectly fits into any category of the Punk genre, and delivers a high dose of power with its electrifying riffs while speaking about desires, jilted love and being the underdog.

Jack the Owl “Calling”

“I wrote it last year in lock down when I was waiting for other people their approval and I was done with it. At some point I just thought I’m gonna do whatever I want instead of what other people expect. So I decided to write a song about it. I recorded it by myself in my home studio, the guitar part in the intro was the first thing I came up with after that the whole song gradually came together” Jack the Owl

Seven Days Rest “Traitor”

“Traitor, in its core is a visceral song about being betrayed. The beautiful thing about it, is that it can be applied to any situation that involves some form of betrayal. The birth of the song came from when almost every member of the band went through one or more forms of betrayal in the span of like a week. And from the pain and frustration came the idea of traitor. We had been really working towards trying to reinvent our sound as a band, and this was the perfect moment. So we took the song and ran with it. Trying to put as much emotion as we could into it.” Seven Days Rest

Grant Borland “Fragments EP”

“I was really inspired by composers such as Nils Frahm and Hania Rani. Both composers give so much life to the piano, and it’s taught me to listen to piano music much differently. I think some of that influence can be heard on some tracks on this EP, but it’s also very much authentic to my own sound too. I have a background in writing cinematic music for advertisements, trailers, commercials, etc…., so I think there is that undertone that probably separates my work from others. While this album feels experimental, I’ve been told my close friends and family that it also sounds like something that could be part of a movie score as well.” Grant Borland

The Mars McClanes – “The Worriers”

“My grandmother lived to be 99, so I spent most of my teenage Sunday afternoons at an assisted living facility listening to an elderly gang obsess over their life’s regrets,” Chapman recalls. “It wasn’t their mistakes—what ate them were the chances they failed to take. ‘The Worriers’ is our cautionary song for the cautious.”

Arlando Mba “Sweet Child Of Mine”

This is a very emotional ballad that will, no-doubt, touch the souls of all those of us who have lost their beloved. Most likely it will also offer solace to those for whom it’s their deepest fear. And as words often get in the way of explaining the feelings, it’s always better to seek solace from something as heavily relatable as this single and let the feelings flow.


“Purple Dress is about a mysterious dark woman, a kind of chameleon. She doesn’t care what people say or think. She waits for the right moment to set herself free and to become who she really is, whatever it costs. The rhythm of this track reminds one of a tango in order to underline the fierce sensuality and the strength of the character. Also, purple is one of my favorite color so that’s why it came first to my mind when I wrote this song.” – Tatiana / Divine Decadence


There are some unique qualities to his music, which by the way carries a very analog sound. It is filled with color, interesting drum grooves, as well as catchy melodies. His upcoming single “Marry You” is a fairly optimistic track that channels all of his Manchester roots. Although there might be some sense of nostalgia to it, the single captivates with its honesty and distinctive taste.

Natalie Rogers – Full Body

“Full Body” is my first self-produced track. Five years ago if you knew me as a musician, I was barely able to play any instruments. Now I’m pretty fluent with piano, bass, and drums which allowed me to produce this song. I worked on it all through quarantine and I’m super excited to share it with everyone!” Natalie Rogers

The River “Tick Tock”

“This song is about pushing through the doubts created by my own mind as well as the doubts other people have expressed to me. It’s a reminder that my reality is that of my own creation. The idea of time is something I think about a lot and I always feel like I am running out. I feel guilty about the time I’ve lost to distractions and bumps in the road. But really the only thing I think we as humans have is time. It’s not scarce, it’s the only thing we all collectively have the most of.” The River


Their latest single “Wasting Away” is a wild collection of pumped-up drums, striking bass, melodic guitar riffs and high-reaching vocals. It is a stand against the ordinary, an anthem to individuality and self-appreciation. It is the artistic fight against all that has been programmed into us, to follow and obey, to be one more in the ever turning wheel of corporate bullshit.

Son.person “Loved U More”

“A powerful, strong-minded statement from a boy who wants nothing more than peace. Loved You More is an ode to those who are tired of trying to be enough. This message of honesty and torn emotion, mixed with colorful sampling and roaring guitar loops, is definitely one of the more disheartening Son.person tracks. Take a listen for yourself and see whether this one’ll leave you crying in the club.” Son.person


So our booked week was used to complete “Deviation” and to record another album. This upcoming album, “All You Need”, which will be released on May 26th.
The first song we recorded was “It’s Not Love”. And the dark feel and dramatic sound colored the rest of the recordings. Aggressive Soccer Moms

Aza Brown “Afterthought”

YOU CAN HAVE A FREE DOWNLOAD NOW!!! In mesmerizing Latin melody, guitar with an addictive sound, synths, a psychedelic atmosphere, and such a special rhythm that just makes you move. Perhaps the greatest feature of the song, apart from the lyrics, is the sound. A vintage retro sound that I have not heard for a long time, an amazing production that fills my ears and body with delicious music from such talented people.

Daniel McDonagh- “Country Turning”

Being alone in a wilderness also worked as a religious/spiritual metaphor for exploring faith, the dark night of the soul in mystical terms, and then seeing the world anew. The country turning alludes to change. Whatever that is in an earthly sense (who knows?) but also in a spiritual sense. Daniel McDonagh

Andrew Michael Meador- “Just Too Late”

“I loved composing this song, wrote all the parts, and played everything except the saxophone. The lyrics were the most important facet to me because I wanted to say what was on my mind and I was able to process a lot of what I have been experiencing lately as a citizen of the United States. I feel that if people are truly able to band together, then we could begin to resolve the discrepancies that plague the human experience; but, as it is, we are left craving justice in a cafeteria with a broken oven.” Andrew Michael Meador

Holly Wild “Thrill of It”

“Thrill of it is about the chemistry that you feel with someone that you shouldn’t, but there is an addictive electrification that you get when you are with them, and you can’t stay away. You know you should, but you don’t. It’s a type of torture, a self punishment that you put yourself through when you are with them because you know you can’t be with them, but the pain feels so good that you don’t turn away.” Holly Wild

Parallel – Parallel (Original EP)

Parallel’s self-titled EP is quite an impressive debut release, and a compellingly engaging listen throughout; at the same time that the songs on the EP convey the wistful feelings of isolation that listeners will surely relate to, their powerfully dreamy atmospheres also bring about a relaxing sense of tranquility. Highly recommended. 

The Lunar Keys – “Oxygen Type”

“This track is the first of a busier release schedule this year with more Gigs and more Lunar Stuff happening. It’s also the first track where we’ve all been the big London Studio studio as a complete band together recording it as live as possible to capture the energy. It’s out June 10th (on all platforms) followed by three more tracks.” – The Last Keys

GrayBeat – “Levitron (ft. Wayne Sayres)”

I had this song sitting around. It reminded me of the feeling of being in a tractor beam, levitating weightless. I knew it had sort of a synthwave sound to it, and it had a downtempo retro feel as well. I thought it would be a good fit, so I composed about eight layers of saxophone using midi saxophones in Ableton Live, and I sent the performances over to Wayne for him to play and record using his alto and tenor saxophones. Unfortunately, there was a delay related to saxophone repairs that came up, but in the end, everything worked out perfect timing wise. -GrayBeat

Greg Bounce, The Magic Epic, Inconnia, and more…

Hello May and you all, thank you so much for being here, another week is gone, but we have more cool stuff for you, dreamy soundscapes, epicness all around one these albums, a couple of fantastic female albums that I’m sure you’re going to be delighted, synthwawe, folk, jazz and more, so I’m sure you are going to find in these 9 albums/EPs something right for you.

Jake Inzerra “Elevator”

“The song ‘Elevator’ is a metaphor. Real, hard talk behind a beat you can dance to. There are days when I feel like I am trapped in an elevator. I am helpless as I go up and down in this claustrophobic box that I can’t leave. Whether I’m on cloud nine or hit rock bottom, I sometimes feel like a slave to my own emotions. And I think that is something a lot of people can relate to. My music is a gateway into the inner workings of my thoughts, and sometimes the best thing to do is to face these wild emotions, sit in them, learn from them, and ultimately purge them.” Jake Inzerra

The Chamberlains – “Last Night in Norwich”

“Last Night in Norwich originated some time back as a (failed) poem I wrote in a Blue Mountains motel room, in the dark hours of one morning after watching a particularly morbid documentary. I had this crappy, 30-odd-second guitar idea I had recorded separately, and while messing around later on in my home ‘studio’, I discovered this musically suited the tone of the lyrics rather nicely. Voila – a Frankenstein’s monster.” – Mike Stephens

Bellhop “Alone”

This track was heavily based off melbournes lockdowns – being stuck inside for almost 2 years disconnected, alone, dark and feeling like my bedroom was a prison. You would have some dark days and a few euphoric high days because your brain was missing any simulation it just didn’t know what to do with itself. This song really emulates the feelings that were had during that time and looking back represents a part of history that we lived through and survived through. But it’s very angsty and loud.

Toothbrush – “Kaleidoscope”

What makes this track unique is its originality and an almost obscene vibe of alcohol, cigarettes, and cynicism. With drunken steps, the track moves forward with a rock and roll vibe and a low end that makes the ground shake. Its attitude can be compared to a full pub at 3am where everybody is loosened up and trying to get away with everything they can.

Blind Season – Wine & Hair Dye

“The particular ethos of the album is that i look at each song as sort of a diary entry/chapter. At the time that i was making it i wasn’t leaving the house much and staying in a dark room creating these songs because i had nothing else to do. The band was essentially over so it was a lonely time. I needed friends so I made songs instead to get out of my head” Shane Sigro

David McKinney- Phaneron

If anyone is hearing me for the first time I like for them to know that it means the world to me to be heard. Our time and attention is so valuable today so to be listened to just completes the music for me. I think of music as a vehicle for human connection, the songs are like little messages in a bottle that hopefully unfold and enrich someone else’s day. David McKinney

Mahto & The Loose Balloons “The Buzzard”

I was really into the idea of doing every step in the process. Writing the song, performing the parts, recording, mixing, mastering, and release it. It’s also my first project to be pressed to vinyl. Which just arrived in the mail the other day. Of course the cherry on top is the cover that was painted by my friend, Tom Root. He is and amazing painter who truly understands anatomy and light better than anyone I’ve ever met.” Mahto

Burn Like Stars – “Strange Comfort”

“This song was inspired off of a relationship I had with someone. We had a big falling out and instead of working on the relationship she ended up getting close to a childhood love. She knew he was a bad person with bad habits and swore she wasn’t gonna let it get deep but she ended up getting real close to him again. Hence the “you said you would never let it happen again. You had to hurt me to make me feel again.” – Lloyd Ratalsky / Burn Like Stars

Vanderwolf “When The Fire Grows Cold”/”Extinction!”

“I had produced a tribute to Wyatt in NYC many years ago. Fred Frith, Peter Blegvad, Hugh Hopper and many others appeared. Robert gave it his official nod of support. When I moved to London to produce my first Meltdown Festival, Robert seemed the obvious choice to curate it, and from that, a lovely friendship evolved. Of course, it was daunting asking him to sing something I’d written. I know he gets a lot of proposals of which he turns down nearly all. But happily, he said yes. He said he thought he could sing this set of lyrics— and commented about the possibility of singing about his father. It was a huge relief to me.’’ Vanderwolf

Elektric Animals “Head in the Ground”

“We were going for a tape saturated, overdriven preamp sound in everything for “Falling.” Mostly seeing what we could do with almost no reverb on anything. “Head in the Ground” was more a love we all have for the classic Lofi indie music. Finding a way to inject psych pop into an introspective feel. Very dreamy, especially with the synth sound design, but keeping the UK garage feel underneath.” Eric Everhart / Elektric Animals

Anne Bennett “Fabulous Creature”

It’s the haunting and all-encompassing flow of mystic passion Anne Bennett has tamed, just a little bit, making her songs so captivating and inviting for repeated journeys. Holding the listeners on tiptoes, the dark magic-filled worlds full of powerful messages are waiting. May it be the highly relevant and empowering celebration of “Fabulous Creature” or something else from the artist’s repertoire, there is something for everyone to explore and immerse in!

Losun “Crossroad”

“The inspiration for this song came from a relationship that got caught in “neverland” like the lyrics say. “Crossroad” is an analogy about the life paths we take. We’re all following our independent path in this experience we call life and sometimes we meet people at a crossroad. Some people follow similar directions, but others have a completely different plan. When it comes to a relationship it’s impossible to build something if future plans don’t go well together. That’s when you have to accept the reality and keep following your own path. It’s all about that carpe diem.” Losun

Ferguson’s Daughter- Blissed Out Blues

An important message about “Panic Attacks in Loves”

This song includes audio footage of a conversation during one of my panic attacks, and may be triggering for those living with mental illness. I’ve struggled with panic attacks throughout my life, and over the last two years, with the help of therapy, medication management, and incredible support from my husband Jordan, they have become something that I can live a full and happy life with.

Thanks for the Support,
Lindsey Plotner
Ferguson’s Daughter

YAEVIN “Yellow”

“It brought up a lot of different and contradicting feelings; sad, beautiful, dark, hopeful, enchanting, empowering. This was around the time the Atlanta shooting happened. I was in a state of pain and anger that I really couldn’t shake and didn’t know how to deal with it; anger feels really complicated and scary to me. And I found calmness through the sounds he put together”. YAEVIN

The Wildwoods- “Thirteen Sailboats”

“Noah composed a poem where he imagined himself as a sailor, pondering all of his life choices and wondering what he could’ve been had he taken other paths and opportunities. Being cursed by the “what if”, the sailor admires the fictitious character, ‘Virginia’, who
represents all those who have found greater success, and lead seemingly happier lives than he. The sailor realizes that although her existence appears to be perfect from the outside, Virginia has struggles and tribulations within her own life” The Wildwoods

Lorraine Bautista “Frontline”

For all my female baddies out there, it’s a reminder to appreciate and value yourself to keep believing in your goals and vision. Sometimes the definition of baddie is not just the clothes, jewelry, and fancy car, but the mindset of striving and persevering regardless of circumstance. Lorraine Bautista

Catherine Elms “Frustrations”

“My songs are dark, fierce, introspective – written from my experiences as a queer woman, a feminist, a person with mental illness, and an introverted indie musician. I write about fighting to improve a world that wasn’t built for us, losing (and re-finding) yourself in toxic love, being a messy weirdo in an industry that values glamour and perfection, the simultaneous terror and allure of the male gaze, and burning your rage for fuel to become something more.”

Higher Sights – “Turn The Screw”

“Turn The Screw is very much about media mind control, and the dangers that presents to our mental health as we are far too often vulnerable to manipulation at the behest of the puppet masters. They can generate panic, fear, hate and adulation with a creatively worded or edited headline. The words simply encourage you to look deeper, check the facts and spread awareness of the danger. It’s propaganda that should come with a health warning!!!” – Higher Sights


‘Says Abraham’ is song about devotion to a god or a spiritual leader–but not necessarily in a good way. […] Many are looking for something or someone to believe in. Someone to follow. Someone to tell us what to do and to whom we can direct our dreams and longing. In the hope that someone will hear our prayers, notice our sacrifices. But how can one know, if the god of choice is really a good god? How do we know, that what we follow is good and true? How do we know, we are not paying a price?” TROLN

MY BABY “sake sake sake”

sake sake sake, their latest studio release, is at its core about innovation; with their constantly evolving sound and presenting themes of our possible future and everything it encapsulates, as well as society’s refusal to change until it’s too late, the trio has taken it upon themselves to speak about the threats our world is facing, while still bringing forth spirited and groovy melodies.

Katanak- “Weigh Down”

I was working in job that was that draining me and I wasn’t able to focus on my passion for music. I was fortunate enough to land the role and play Jerry Scheff (TCB band) in the up coming Baz Lurhman ‘Elvis’ movie and it really just kick started my passion for music again. I came back straight from shooting Day 1 and just penned out the lyrics about how it felt to feel like I wasn’t who I was supposed to be. When I’m really inspired the songs I write come out in an afternoon. It felt amazing to finally fall out of the funk I was in and put it in a song so others who feel the same way can share in the song. -Katanak

MonkeyRat – Isolation

“One day in Reykjavík, when I started my studies University of the Arts, at the height of the pandemic back in the fall of 2020, I went for a walk in the park. Isolated and saddened that I couldn’t reach my husband in the Faroe Islands, I got inspired. I could no longer contain the unbearable loneliness that I felt as I was walking back to my student flat. Words started pouring out of my head. Briskly, my pace increased, I needed to write the words down before I would forget them all! I ran and finally entered my room, started jotting all the words down – I couldn’t keep up with my thoughts and kept on writing. When I was finally finished, I started to piece together my words on paper until finally the puzzle of words came together and there was my poem – Isolation. Anna Iachino

Pini Gurfil “Anny”

“This songs reflects upon my personal experience from psychotherapy. It adopts a rather sarcastic standpoint on one hand, and an optimistic viewpoint on the other hand. This song is characteristic of my music, which often deals with our innermost dark layers, without succumbing to popular music trends, but rather invigorating sounds and themes which best suit the intricate lyrical structures.” Pini Gurfil

Charlie Freeman – “Love”

“For me, Love is a fascinating subject. As a spiritual journeyman I am seeking the truth of infinite potential, beyond the veil, beyond the matrix. I feel that here lies the purest and most real form of love … unconditional, infinite, pure consciousness. In my day to day, I do my best to practice acceptance, To observe and not judge, to feel sensations without adding meaning or story. My intention is to collapse the erroneous belief systems that form the construct of my egoic mind. I practice love as much as I can ! Be love, sing love, make love” – Charlie Freeman

mUmbo – “Swing My Hip”

“Swing My Hip came up out of the water as a response to the seemingly endless slide down into sadness, isolation and helplessness that the pandemic brought about. A kind of defiant response, a modern blues in a way; playing the blues to keep the blues away. Music is one of the greatest tools to combat despair. In this case, swinging your hip in spite of it all. Keeping hope and positivity alive.” mUmbo

Markus Murphy- “Already Blue”

I want to deliver profound, top-shelf recordings that can last the test of time. The same way I listen to classic records from way back to decades past and go ‘damn.. how did they do that?’ or just marvel at the skills in the musicianship and production of a record. I’d like my records to reach that level.

Sharnelle McLean “Little Girl”

“I mix Pop with Folk, Orchestral, R&B and Hip Hop music, to create songs that have a signature sound. I was inspired to create my own sound after coming across the music of my favourite film composer, Hans Zimmer. I love how he always captivates his audience with his music. At many times there are no words, it’s just music, but the music sets the scene of the story. I wanted to do the same, not only with my lyrics, voice or harmonies, but also with the drum beats, melodies, chords and instruments. Sharnelle McLean

Monique Barry “Time”

The pandemic with its lockdowns stopped life as it used to be. What used to be busy and bustling was now suddenly still and empty, and while it felt curious and cool at first, it soon started dragging down on the mental wellbeing of people. For the Canadian artist Monique Barry it has been the… Continue Reading →

Nay Shalom- “Closure”

This piece actually came together very calmly, very naturally and became my own little haven after making a very big decision last year. I was really struggling (not Covid related) and it took a big chunk of courage to walk away from something that was destroying me. It felt so very bitter sweet and I had a huge sense of both release and relief to end it all, hence the title. I actually can’t read music and have never had any lessons or grades so I play solely by ear”. Nay Shalom

Will Soma – “Days Are Long”

“It was written on one of those grey rainy days in winter last year where I was playing around with chords and came across one that I hadn’t come across before. That sound (the third chord in the verse progression) recalled a feeling of sorrow and distress, which reminded me of a relationship breakdown and how that sound of despair rings in your ears.” – Will Soma

Sea Driver – “Hook Or By Crook”

“The old lyrics were scrapped, new words and a tweaked melody took their place. Being in lockdown and the world being at a standstill it was impossible to avoid the news, the lyrics are basically just me letting off some steam about the terrible job and seemingly corrupt practices of our government regarding the PPE contracts.” – Sea Driver

Havoc Osiris “Imbalance”

“to everyone that’s new to me and to my sound, I want you to know that it’s okay to let my sounds take you away from any real-world stress that you’re dealing with, and into the type of beautiful yet chaotic worlds that you might only see in movies, TV, or video games, even if it’s only for just a few minutes. Sometimes, the endless reaches of our imagination help us deal with reality a lot better than some of what actually exists in reality.” Havoc Osiris

Allie Alvarado “Strong”

“The Strong EP came about during a tough time in my life. I think we can all agree that the last few years haven’t been easy for anyone. I started recording this music alongside a lot of loss and change and working on these songs became a safe place to process how I was feeling. Emotions can have so many hues so I just followed my intuition and tried to translate those colors into sounds and harmonies. In response, these songs emerged as delicate and moody soundscapes built on top of meditative tempos and led by introspective melodies and lyrics. Each song is a love song but maybe not in the traditional sense of romantic love. It’s more about the power of love and how it can help us heal.” Allie Alvarado

A Starving Viking “The Milksop EP”

“These 3 songs were written/recorded in a sort of hut in my garage that I built out of plywood and U-Haul moving blankets. It was a few months into the pandemic/lock down and everything was just weird. I was working from home and a bit stir crazy and these songs came about from some negative self-talk. I figured a good way to get out of my own head was to write songs about those internal conversations. Make them public, and move on.” A Starving Viking

Daverage J. Normal “Indestructible”

“I mostly used the Novation Bass Station 2 in the creation of this track. The introduction is comprised of 3 sampled arp patterns (there might be a fourth in there). They provide the platform for the melody line. The main rolling bass line in body of the song is also the Bass Station, as is the 3 chord pattern you hear through out. Serum adds a layer of support to the bass, by sounding like an electric guitar string be. ( I think so anyway). The glitchy pieces are random chopped samples that I though sounded cool. When I got to the last section, i just wanted to go heavy, or go home” Daverage J. Normal

Roisin O’Hagan – “Sunset Valley”

“It’s set in a fictional place called Sunset Valley with fictional characters. The protagonist, who is otherwise content with life, hangs onto the person they first loved in times gone by and hopes that they will find each other again one day. They wonder about where this person is now and hold on to the belief that “the best things are gonna take time”. – Roisin O’Hagan


“In the blue corner: the small man on the street. Who never tried to make a name for himself, never caused any trouble. Just minding his own business. In the red corner: the bullying type of guy with the silver spoon in mouth. Much bigger, much stronger. He always takes advantage of the small guy. He tosses him around makes him crawl and suffer. Just because he can. In February 24th Russia invaded Ukraine, a peaceful democratic country which never caused any trouble, just been minding its own business. The reports from the war has been horrifying, and I was reminded of the “David and Goliath”-song in my drawer.” – The ROLF

Cristal B. “Do You Regret It?”

A soft ballad that builds up and hits the crescendo when the lyrics accept the protagonist’s lack of will to forgive and forget, Do You Regret It? is a song that blends elegance with what many would call pettiness (spoiler alert: it’s not), staying sophisticated and unbothered as the singer opens up about being broken beyond repair by her lover while and after they were together. 

Jonathan Grow “Le Vol”

I walked her out to her car, carrying the last of her boxes. As we stood there saying goodbye, we all suddenly realized that she wasn’t coming back home this time. My daughter was leaving home. Tears. In that flurry of 10 minutes, my world as her father changed. She drove away and my wife and I stood there, absorbing the weight of it all. Her older sister, living in Georgetown. Now her as well. As I walked back into the house, thinking of our grown girls, a tune turned over and over in my head. Jonathan Grow

Prince of Sweden- “Garrison Lane”

I wrote Garrison Lane last year and basically wanted to write something a bit bigger with more depth in terms of instrumentals. I got quite obsessed with Nick Cave which was probably part of the reason. I’ve got a friend who’s a sound engineer and she was able to book the studio in east London where Alt J recorded their last album. And that’s about it really. I don’t have a band so I recorded each instrument one at a time and another friend did some filming so hopefully there’ll be a video as well at some point. -Prince of Sweden

Cephos Powders “Clap Song”

“The song was inspired by Steve Reich’s Clapping Music. We were trying to have a consistent drum beat run throughout a song without entirely using a drum kit, hence, why we clap the beat at the beginning and the end. Lyrically, I babbled some words to a melody and those were the final words ahaha. It has no special meaning other than, give it a go and see what happens.” Ronan Cephos Powders

Bursting Wonderland “In Memory Of”

It’s a song dedicated to Ania’s grand mother and is a personal story about a broken and forbidden love gone tragic after a run away into the cold forest night in Poland during the beginning of the last century. Ania was hit by the story of her grandma (Maria)’s lost love, John—the first true love that she had to let go that cold winter night, long ago. It was a forbidden kind of relation, and an unwelcoming blessing to their parents until they decided to run away one night. John got sick and tired, until contracting pneumonia that killed him, abandoning Ania’s grandmother alone and forever.

Bite The Boxer- “Forgotten”

I write a lot of music live on Twitch streams, which has really helped me over-thinking about stuff, it encourages me to trust my instinct and go with my gut because if people are watching, they won’t want to watch me scroll through different synth sounds and go over the same part over and over again. This song (‘Forgotten’) was the first one in a string of singles which will be coming out this year that I worked on but I accidentally saved it in the wrong folder on my computer and it got lost for a few months, hence the name. When I eventually tracked it down and listened to it for the first time in ages I was actually blown away by it, I knew I had to finish it and get it out there. -Bite The Boxer

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