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Hey, I hope you’re doing great and having a fun weekend my dear friends, you guess right, this is your favorite music blog Less Than 1,000 Followers or LT1KF if you prefer, you know our thing is support unknown and mostly brand new talent, the best that I can find week in and week out, and this is Week 36 for the round up 9 Albums/EPs you should listen to this week. I have some really cool stories to share with you and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Tori Boltwood “Stay On The Moon”

“I haven’t really spoken in great detail about what Stay On The moons backstory is mainly because it’s more difficult for me to personally talk about because it was written as a way for me to cope with the end of a relationship with a family member I had grown up with.
Writing a song about the end of a connection with a family member is probably the most weird feeling.” Tori Boltwood

SamSeb Kierkegaard “Luna: Dependent Personality Disorder”

“Luna: Dependent Personality Disorder’ is the third chapter of the Luna fantasy saga. The boy enters a never-ending paradoxical loop of returning back to the bridge under the same dystopian red sky. As the boy walks past the streets without end, he begins to question everything, inviting the sleep to forget about all the ever-present, humdrum repetition of tragedies in sight. SamSeb Kierkegaard

MCMGM “On The Floor”

“The 2020 Pandemic hit. I had time on my hands, and a desire to dance, so I began to write funky music. But gathering a horn section together to spread the virus was not a great idea. So I turned to the computer, and started churning out my danceable grooves via electronics. This was major shift in direction from my previous genre of acapella/classical/children’s/video-game. So I invented an EDM avatar for myself, MCMGM.” Gunnar Madsen

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