sautereau- “Conversation Hearts”

“I think it definitely stems from being a bit of at a loss for what to do with yourself as days slipped by and both feeling nothing and so many things at once. The contrast between life being pretty bland but wanting to feel and live what we were supposed to feel and do. It’s definitely a light-hearted take on it but raw and honest nonetheless.” sautereau

SKiPPER! “Vintage”

“Imagine two lovers running through an open field with the sun beaming down on their faces. They can hear birds chirping. They feel the crisp air and the grass between their toes. They are at peace and more importantly they are in love with a soul they’ve known before in another lifetime.” ​​SKiPPER!

Nikki Era “Something Beautiful”

“It felt like everything was going wrong,” she says. “So I went into the studio and sat down and looked through the notes on my phone with my producer and I found a note called “something beautiful”. It wasn’t very long, just a few lines, “I can see rockets in you, boom.” And I think it was really a message to myself. I had hardly remembered recording it. And it was labeled as “something beautiful” and I think I called it that because I didn’t know what else to call these random lines of self-support.” Nikki Era

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